Friday, December 28, 2007

Nicollette Sheridan Confuses Me

Nicollette Sheridan, one of the cast members for that show I don't watch about housewives who are desperate, is seen here in these pictures wearing a bikini. And I don't know why I am posting them. I feel like I'm checking out a grandma walking around almost naked. She's pretty old and all, but despite all of that . . . she's not looking half bad in her bikini. What the hell is going on?! One more picture, this one showing the rear. For all the cougar lovers out there. You know who you are.

Super Awesome Cougar Update!

So, I just posted probably like a minute ago, and then, while making my rounds, I find this over at If you can ignore Nicollette Sheridan's weird face (I suggest cropping the picture by scrolling down) you can see a totally awesome cougar nip slip.

One more, this one, extreme close-up style.

Enjoy these extra two pictures while they last. Photobucket has been eyeing my recent uploads like a hawk, and these two pictures are bound to last about a day or so.

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