Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Getting through the Hump with Search Terms

Once again, dumping out the search terms. Not much new here. I still don't know how all of these searches end up here. But whatever. Hopefully these people eventually found what they were looking for . . . and in some cases, I hope the people from "To Catch a Predator" were waiting for them with an open embrace and a pair of handcuffs.

boob - AOL Search
waterpark nipslip - Google Search BR
jenny mccartney pics - Yahoo Search
Pantyhose cheerleader - Google Search
katharine mcphee nipples - Starware Search
blogspot upskirt - Starware Search
pimple on areola - AOL Search
French gymnast pees - Google Search
Daniel Radcliffe nude pictures - Yahoo Search Fr
"green boob" "return of the jedi" jabba - Google Search
buzzfeed ashanti panties glimpse of heaven - Google Search
lindsay lohan crotch shot - Google Search
hills have eyes Emilie de Ravin rape scene mpeg - Yahoo Search
winona ryder - BlogSearch
emma watson nude - Google Search BR
gymnast crotch - AOL Search
olsen twins upskirt - Earthlink Search
extreme bikini - Orange Search ES
jessica simpson's camel toe - AOL Search
Amy Smart - Ok.Hu Search
sideboob - Ok.Hu Search
nipslip OR "nip slip" - Google Search
token south park - AOL Search
kiera knightley - AOL Search
gymnast camel toe - AOL Search
emma watson's vagina pictures - Dogpile Search
superbad thong - AOL Search
LOUISE BANKS naked - Yahoo Search
"my dreams are all dead and" shaver - Google Search RU
incest upskirts +nipslip - Yahoo Search
virjins photo - Google Search
brooke hogan nipple - Yahoo Search
singer upskirt - AOL Search
extreme nipples - Earthlink Search
panty less - AOL Search
spice girls legs - AOL Search
Downblouse - Technorati Search
ciera hermaphrodite - Google Search UK
the best rape scenes of bollywood - Google Search IN
"teddy's cheer club"scott ford - Google Search

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