Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Booty 2007

Ah, another year, another Christmas, and another set of awesome presents from my wife. Just going to do a quick rundown of the presents she got me, because . . . well, I have nothing else to do right now, and I'd like to immortalize it on the interweb.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - She knows how to get my video game geek going. I've been wanting to play this for quite some time now. Everyone on my damn XBOX 360 friends list is playing this, and I felt a little left out. Now I can join them, provided I find the time to actually play the multiplayer online.

13 Bullets by David Wellington - I'm halfway through finishing David Wellington's third zombie novel, "Monster Planet". I had no idea this guy had written anything else. So I was glad to see this book when I was unwrapping my presents. This one is about vampires, which should be interesting. Wellington added some clever ideas into his zombie books, so I'm excited to see what he does with the vampire genre.

Assorted plain t-shirts - I know what you're thinking. Plain t-shirts? What kind of lame gift is that? But it's not. I love plain t-shirts. They're good for layering. And it's hard to find good ones that can survive a couple of goes through the washing/drying process. Finish Line has some good ones that are not too huge, and don't lose too much of their original size when they are washed/dried. And it's one of the only things I actually asked for this Christmas. I got an assortment of colors totaling 5 in all.

Brown Belt - Another lame gift that Jaime is all excited about? Fuck you if you're thinking that. Before today, I owned 1 belt. One. A black one that I've had since 1997. So this belt essentially doubles my belt repertoire. Which is great since I basically have to tuck my shirt into my pants whenever I go to work now. This present gives me the option of either wearing a black belt or a brown belt. I'm excited about it.

Nick Swardson's "Party" CD/DVD - Nick Swardson is a funny motherfucker. I've listened through half of the CD part, and I've giggled myself silly. I recommend you get this if you don't already own it. And there's a bonus DVD with a couple of his comedy specials. A great present.

Dethklok: Deth Album - I've watched all of the "Metalpocalypse" episodes on Adult Swim, and this show is solely responsible for opening my ears to death metal. I had seen this album advertised while watching Adult Swim a few times, but I am anti purchasing CD's, but I'm not anti receiving CD's as presents. So it's great that she actually bought this for me.

Green Sweater - Another one of those gifts that I really should not be all that jazzed about. But, since my new position at the bank requires a "business casual" dress code, sweaters have become a part of my weekly wardrobe choices. I only had 2 or so sweaters before today, so being able to debut another one at work is going to work out for me pretty good.

And now, other stuff from other people.

Christmas Cash - Bless my parents. They know just what I want. Even at the tender age of 28, I still look forward to the money I'll get for Christmas. I won't tell you how much I got, but it's enough to get myself enough to keep the economy going for another few months. Fuck you recession!

Best Buy Gift Card - I don't know how much this is for. It's from my step-sister Celeste and my nephew Everett who are in from New York. I'm not going to call in or go to the website to find out. I want to be surprised. Maybe I'll show up to the register area with a 40" LCD HDTV and the gift card will be enough for it. Chances are . . . it'll probably not be enough. But a man can dream right?

I might have missed something. And I still haven't gotten a present from my brother, which I'm picking up tomorrow. I've got a sneaking suspicion that it might be a gift card for a certain electronics superstore . . .

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