Monday, December 03, 2007

Box Office Report - Enchanting Holiday Medieval Awakening Assassins

Enchanted - I'm pretty sure that I am experiencing what some might describe as "deja vu". Wasn't this movie #1 last weekend as well? Nothing good opened this weekend? Is everyone pre-occupied with buying presents around this time of the year? I know I was, which is why I didn't catch anything on the big screen this weekend.

This Christmas - OK, the deja vu is getting worse. This was the 2nd movie in the top five last week as well right? So, whatever I said about this last week applies to this movie this week.

Beowulf - Was this the #3 movie last weekend as well. This is fucked up. Now I have nothing to say about this either. It's like Hollywood is playing a mean trick on me. Why do you toy with my emotions Hollywood!

Awake - Ah, finally, a movie that wasn't in the countdown last weekend. I was beginning to think that there would be nothing original in this entry whatsoever. Thank you Hayden Christiansen/Jessica Alba movie about people not being put under anesthesia properly. Who cares if you're good or not, you've breathed fresh air into this post.

Hitman - I would want to watch this if I had played all of the "Hitman" games on one of the various gaming consoles it was released on. But . . . I didn't, and apart from liking Timothy Olyphant as an actor, not just because he has a cool name, there's really not much that interests me at all. I heard about the Russian super-hotty that spends most of the movie in different stages of undress, but that's what I have Showtime cable channels for. So, I might buy this on DVD if I'm feeling like getting something that requires no mental activity whatsoever.

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