Friday, December 08, 2006

Opening Weekend Moving Pictures - 12/08/06

Wide Releases

Apocalypto - The movie I want to watch this weekend, and I'm not quite sure why. I had an equal ratio of yawn to wince when I was watching "The Passion of the Christ", but that's just because that was an hour and a half of torture-porn. This one . . . sounds kind of fun. An ancient Mayan chase movie. Complete with gaping wounds, ritual sacrifices and a crushed skull or two (wouldn't be a Mel Gibson movie without one, right?).

Blood Diamond - Leonardo DiCaprio in a movie where he does an accent. Hmm . . . it can't be as bad as Brad Pitt's Irish accent, right? This movie does have Jennifer Connely. She is pretty friggin hot, despite anything my wife might have to say about her. She's such a "hay-ta". Also in this movie is Digi-mon Honsou . . . which somehow managed to clear his schedule of Saturday morning cartoons and collectible card battle games to also put in a strong performance. What? His name is Djimon? Whatevs.

The Holiday - Ah, the obligatory chick-flick of the week. And, it's holiday themed. A two-fer. What a bargain. Too bad it looks totally bland, despite the participation of Jack Black. I think he just signed on for this movie to kiss Kate Winslet. I don't blame him. She's looking pretty ok after dropping all of that "Titanic" weight. Haha, that's a double-entendre. This blog can get pretty intellectual sometimes.

Unaccompanied Minors - Kid flicks. You have to have them at this time of the year. Kids are getting out of school for the winter break. They have to do something during the day or they'll just take up the crack-rock. So, unlike other times of the year, I'm not totally hating this movie. I'm not watching it, but, I realise it is good for the kids not to do drugs. McGruff the Crime Dog would be proud of me.

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