Tuesday, December 19, 2006

BAFW - Truant Officer Edition

You know who you are. You cocksucker. You're not at work and we're all paying for it. And on a Tuesday when you know we're understaffed already. What the hell kind of a "team-player" are you? And even though you take 1 call per hour because of your fondness of remoting into a customer's computer, that doesn't mean that our workload is light. We're fucking dying over here. And tomorrow, you'll stroll in at noon (if you do decide to show up) and smile at us and joke around like the last couple of days never happened.

You know what . . . Fuck you. And your PC doctoring ways. Don't even ask me to plug your site on my blog mofo. God I'm so pissed off. Here's a New Year's resolution for you. Show up to work more often.

Unless your intestines are leaking again. In that case, get well soon. But that's the only reason why I would show any degree of sympathy towards you. We're stuck here breathing the poisonous mold. So should you. Jack-hole.


Ernie said...

LOL!!! So you thought I wouldn't see this huh? Hmmmm I am so gonna get you for this one. You will see the wrath of the DOCTOR LOVE and my snotty boogers left on your mouse pad. Mhahahahaah!

Jaime said...

I was counting on you seeing this bitch.

get your ass to work. Your wonder twins are not doing a lick of work. They keep taking breaks to go to liquor stores and/or coffee shops with their BFF's.

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