Wednesday, December 06, 2006

HDH - Hayden Panettiere

I don't know why people look fervently for pictures of Emma Watson. If I were a pedophile, I'd totally be looking for Hayden Panettiere pictures. The 17 year old actress currently starring in the hit NBC show "Heroes" is . . . I have to say . . . pretty hot. And even hotter when they put her in her cheerleader outfit. Not to mention that she is indestructible, and therefore, destined to be a virgin for her entire life. Just think about it. The hymen breaks, and then, because of her regenerative powers, it grows back. So, every time someone puts it to her, it's like her first time. Think about that one as you check out the picture below.

Seriously speaking though, I love the show she's in right now. Way better than "Racing Stripes", the last cinematic gem that featured Hayden Panettiere. I mean, I didn't watch the movie . . . but how good could it have been? Although, if you think about it . . . that movie has Hayden riding a zebra that is voiced by Frankie Muniz, which should be reclassified as a horror movie. Right? Oh well.

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Anonymous said...

Heroes TV has a million great photos of Hayden!

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