Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Whitney Port Bikini + Nip Slip PIctures = Who the Hell is Whitney Port?

Maybe I'm not doing a great job of following MTV and all of it's reality show spin-offs. Apparently, there's a show on that cable channel called "The City", which is an abortion of the already established and (I have no idea why) popular show "The Hills", which was teenage-birthed by MTV's first televised program about privileged youth: "Laguna Beach". Which, still leaves me wondering: Who the hell is Whitney Port? And to tell you the truth, part of me doesn't want to know. Because, just like in "Scanners", I think my head would explode like a ripe melon if someone sat me down and explained the chronology behind why this girl has a television show about her.

What I'll do instead, is check out these bikini pictures, which come with nipple slip (for as long as Photobucket lets it, so, by the time you read this, there might be a "content deleted" picture where the nipple slip should be . . . early bird gets the nipple around here) because it's the only real way to maintain my sanity. I kinda need that, right?

Click on the pictures to make them, and parts of your anatomy, larger.

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