Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Love You, Man Red Band Trailer

I am no big fan of chick flicks. But, "I Love You, Man" just might make me change my opinion of these types of movies. I guess you could say that this is your typical pre-wedding type of movie, but with swear words a-plenty and some cringe-inducing moments. Which are two of things I love the most. It helps that the producers of this movie realized that the only way to get guys into this movie was to throw them a red band trailer. So, between this, and the fact that my wife laughed her ass off through most of this trailer, it's becoming a solid reality that come March 20th, we're going to be in the theater for this one. Check out the trailer, take your significant other to this movie, and then get some oral sex after. Everyone will be happy.

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