Sunday, January 11, 2009

Franklyn Trailer

It's not clear yet if the U.S. will get this movie or not. It just screened at the London Film Festival and was picked up for U.K. and European release next month, but so far, no news that an American distributor has acquired it. Which, would be a shame if it didn't. Adult (not porno, but thematically mature as opposed to a kiddie film that might appeal to a segment of the adult population) fantasy is few and far between, specially ones that look as good as "Franklyn" does. And the cast is no slouch either. You get Eva Green, Ryan Phillipe, and some great British talent that has worked on a host of awesome films in front of and behind the cameras ranging from "Startdust" and "Layer Cake" to "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" and the upcoming comic book adaptation "Kick-Ass". Did I mention the movie looks fantastic as well? Check out the trailer and cross your fingers. I totally want to see this. I hope it makes its overseas journey to our American theaters.

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