Monday, July 21, 2008

Rosario Dawson Works a Hose in a Bikini

Man, that post title alone should be the plot for Rosario Dawson's next filmed project, but alas, it is only an accurate description of what she was doing in Italy over the weekend. The hose happens to be a garden hose, but the bikini is just that . . . a bikini. I don't recall seeing Rosario Dawson in the two-piece wonder suit in the past, so this is a welcome addition to the pantheon of posts here at BAFW. It doesn't hurt that Dawson is a geek's dream-girl. She's lending her vocal talents to the upcoming "Wonder Woman" animated movie coming out next year, she's written comic books, and starred in Kevin Smith movies. How much more geek-cred do you want? That, and she's not too hard on the eyes either. Here are a couple of more pictures, to solidify my point and, most likely, something in your pants.

"Hey! What's up stalkers!

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