Monday, July 14, 2008

More Miley Cyrus than I Actually Want to See

Seriously, I don't want to see this. Who is keeping track of this kid and her iPhone? These pictures actually comes from a recent hack of Miley Cyrus's boyfriend's phone. I guess she's dating one of the Jonas Brothers, whatever that means. A hacker that goes by the name of "TrainReq" (hence the watermarks on the pics) got in there, nabbed the pictures, and actually has been in contact with the media to see who wants to buy the even "jucier" pics. There is also talk about e-mails that were read and not saved that detail intimate sexual encounters between the not yet 18 year old couple. So, Billy Ray? Excellent parenting. You should really think about not counting your daughter's millions, and keeping close tabs on her. Otherwise, things like the picture above, and the picture below, are only going to be the tip of an underage sex scandal.

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