Thursday, July 24, 2008

Brooke Hogan in Playboy?

This just in from the New York Daily News -
Brooke Hogan has been approached to pose nude for the famous men's magazine, her publicist told the Daily News on Wednesday. And she didn't say no.

The "Brooke Hogan Knows Best" star, 20, could use a boost for her stagnant singing career. Hogan's 2006 album "Undiscovered" reportedly sold just 127,000 copies.

"No decision has been made at this time," her rep said.
Well, Playboy did put WWF wrestler Chyna in their magazine once (I still get the shakes whenever that unpleasant memory re-surfaces), so it's not all that weird that Brooke Hogan would make it into the long-published gentleman's magazine. But do we need to see Brooke Hogan naked? I'll take a pass on that one. Seeing her in bikinis is testing the limits of what I can take already.

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