Thursday, July 17, 2008

BAFW HQ Upgrades

There have been a couple of additions to the BAFW HQ as of late that I have been remiss in letting you fine readers about. I've just been too busy messing around with them. All of this is thanks to a recent influx in cash money (all legal, none from advertising . . . bums) to the ol' bank account. Let's get to the first one, that was a purchase born from necessity.

XBOX 360 Elite

My old, regular XBOX 360 got the RROD, again, and I had to send it off to Microsoft for repair. Since it's our main DVD machine in the living room, I kept arguing with my wife about purchasing an upgrade. Finally, after I told her how much I was making as bonus for the month of June, she relented, and agreed to let me purchase this dream machine. Right out of the box it's showing it's unmatched superiority. Crisp and clean 1080P via HDMI into my 42" LCD HD set is a thing of beauty. The 120 GB of hard drive space means I won't be running out of space for a long time. I was down to 2 GB's of space in my old XBOX 360. It's also a sleek black, which goes a little better with our black LCD set. The only downside . . . all of my saves for all of my games are in the old hard drive. I'm sure there's a way to transfer all of that from one machine to the other, but I'm lazy, so I'll most likely have to play through all of my games again. Achievements are still there though, so my 20,000+ points didn't disappear with my saved games.

LoveSac MovieSac

Don't call this bad boy a bean bag. There are no beans in this thing, just 65 lbs of shredded Durafoam, which molds and contorts to your body as you sit in it, creating one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture you will ever sit on. I love it. This is also one of the things I had been begging my wife for a couple of years to get. Since we got our IRS economic stimulus check in the mail last week, and being patriotic Americans that want to help out the economy, we headed out to the nearest LoveSac retailer and picked this up. Now my wife loves it, and it's hard for me to get some quality time with the MovieSac. It sits two people. I originally wanted to get the largest LoveSac available (appropriately named "The Big One" and sits 4 adults comfortably), but logistically speaking, it wouldn't have fit in the BAFW HQ anyway. This one is the third largest they offer, and it's barely fitting as is. Once we move to a larger domicile/HQ, we're definitely buying more, and possibly even getting some of the Sactionals they offer. Head on out to for more of their products. I fully endorse them. BAFW-tested.

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