Saturday, August 15, 2009

BAFW Classic - Alive in Joburg

In honor of the sci-fi must see of the summer, "District 9", here's a classic BAFW post from the past. This is right around the time that the director, Niell Blomkamp had been tagged to direct the then in pre-production "Halo" movie. That fell apart, but it enabled him to make the full version of "Alive in Joburg", which is now titled "District 9". It's a fantastic little film. I'll be watching "District 9" tomorrow, and who knows, I might even review it. Here's the original post, coming back all the way from August 2006. Enjoy . . . again.
It has officially been announced that the director for the upcoming Halo movie will be . . . Neill Blomkamp? I know, you're wondering just who the hell that is. He's done a couple of cool short films and those boss Citroen commercials I posted a few months ago. YouTube's got his work uploaded, but, if you're too lazy to go looking for it, here it is, for your convenient viewing pleasure.

Alive in Joburg

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