Friday, March 06, 2009

Megan Fox Looking to Expand Nerd Fanbase

I'm starting to think that Megan Fox is a pretty shrewd business-woman. She pretty much recognizes who will be supporting her career. Nerds and geeks. Which is why she's attached herself to projects that attract huge quantities of geekdom. "Transformers" and it's upcoming sequel are an example of this. But some of her next projects show that she doesn't mind being ogled by nerds of any kind.

She just signed on to play the main lead in the comic book movie adaptation of Aspen Comic's "Fathom". Which, has the added bonus of her being wet for most of the time. I used to read this comic book back when it came out. I can't really say much about the story. Kind of like Aquaman/Namor, but with boobs, and she didn't have much of a costume . . . unless you call a skimpy bikini a costume. But getting Megan Fox for this part seems like pretty dead on casting.

She has another upcoming project, also comic book related. She'll be playing the romantic interest in the adaptation of the "Jonah Hex" comic, which is kind of a western, so instead of swimsuits, expect corsets, which some might find appealing as well.

**Update - Post now with 50% tamer Megan Fox picture. I guess Photobucket keeps getting its panties in a bunch when it sees Megan Fox in bra & panties combo. I know, fucking weak-sauce. But, what can I do.

***Re-Update - Post now with 100% tamer Megan Fox picture. Fuck you Photobucket!

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Pic Hunter said...

Megan Fox is definitely a sex goddess, I am a regular to her website at Megan

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