Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lady Gaga Slips the Nip

There's a good possibility that somehow, I've fallen out of the loop lately. Because, I have no idea what the fuck a "Lady Gaga" is. Why do we care about this chick? Is she a singer? Someone please edumacate me a little on this. Apparently, whatever the fuck a "Lady Gaga" is, it still nip slips like the rest of Hollywood. You can see it a little in the picture above, but the money shot is the one below.

Enjoy these pictures while they last. If you're a frequent reader (first, you should get your head checked) you'll know that Photobucket has an ongoing vendetta against awesome pictures. If you're checking this a couple of days from now, it's likely that they will have already taken the pictures down. But, you early birds, get the nipple-worm?

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