Monday, March 16, 2009

Britney Spears Hangs Out in Concert

Some of you might have already seen or heard about this. But, since I've been a little behind with the posting lately, I figured I would post it up anyway. Just in case someone might not have been aware about Britney Spears and her ever exposed pussy. Yup, while it can't be seen on this video (or any video on YouTube . . . BAFW has looked), you can clearly hear Britney saying "MY PUSSY IS HANGING OUT" after finishing up her performance. I found a video that pretty much gets down to business. There are others out there that include the song, but if you're here, chances are you're not a fan of the music, but rather a fan of Britney's many mishaps. And I don't even think that it's all that important, by now, if we see the actual genitalia or not. We've all seen it before, right? It can't be any different. Maybe a little more stretched out than before? You know, due to the miracle of hillbilly, back-2-back childbirth.

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