Monday, October 27, 2008

Olivia Munn Gets Complex for Halloween

With Halloween right around the corner (weeks have corners?) I think it's time for a Halloween themed post around the BAFW. And who better to get in the Halloween mood that super hot, yet super quirky, Olivia Munn. The AOTS co-host is being featured in Complex's (again) October issue, and they've decked her out in a variety of costumes for your perusal. You've got your Chun-Li action from Street Fighter. They also put her in an In-n-Out uniform if you're into hamburgers. Fans of literature will drool over the "sexy librarian". And, for the animal lovers (and lovers of chicks in animal costumes), Olivia dons a bunny outfit. There's also a video of this over at Complex's video site if you want to see her getting in and out of her costumes. Anyway, here are more pics from the photoshoot with the aformentioned outfits.


Anonymous said...

The Chun-Li is hot to death!

Jaime said...

Olivia Munn is hot to death. Even my wife has the hots for her. And she's totally straight. I know.

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