Friday, October 10, 2008

Meet Heff's New Twin Girlfriends

I had been hearing rumors that Hugh Heffner's girlfriends had been abandoning him lately for younger, and possibly more virile, men. I'm pretty sure he was down to one girlfriend, and it wasn't the hot one. So, what do you do to fill the void. Well, for starters, you up your boner pill prescription. Then, you get twin girlfriends to round out your harem back up to three pieces of tap'able tail. This is where Kristina and Karissa Shannon come in to play. I'm guessing they're Playboy Bunnies. I've never heard of them. But this should make Heff's show about his girlfriends "The Girls Next Door" a little more interesting. A tad on the creepy side, but still interesting. Anyway, here's a couple more pictures of the ladies, and even a nude picture! Not hosted on Photobucket, so it should stick around for a while. We'll see.

I know it's a thumbnail. That's the way they want it, I ain't gonna rock the boat with this new service too much. But you can click on it to make it bigger in a new screen.

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