Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Selma Blair: Scowl-kini

I'm not quite sure why Selma Blair is looking so upset lately. She's co-starring in a pretty well reviewed and well received sequel in the "Hellboy" franchise, has a new show called "Kath & Kim" (which is where these pictures were taken from) premiering this new fall season on a network channel that is completely eluding my memory at this time, is a celebrity and naturally has more money than most of us (definitely more than what's in BAFW's Google Ads account). So then, why is she looking so despondent in that bikini? It's not flattering. I guess she figured these pictures would end up all over the internet, still being talked about and posted up days after their initial release by smart-aleck-y bloggers. Sorry Selma, around here, BAFW is part of the problem, not part of the solution. Just don't look at BAFW like in the picture below . . ever. It actually kind of scares me.

If we mention the camel-toe, will she kill us?

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