Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lily Allen Slips Nipple, then Punches?

Lily Allen had a bit of a nipple'y evening recently outside of a London nightclub. But that's not where this story is focusing on. I mean, sure, we like nipple slips as much as any other celebrity gossip blog out there, but it's the fight that Lily Allen had with an unknown female directly after the nipple slipping incident that has me a little perplexed. I knew all along that Lily Allen's not much of a girly-girl. Which led me to have high hopes in her fighting prowess. Which is, apparently (from these pictures below) a little on the lacking side. Now, I may not have all the facts here. She might have been drinking which would reduce her hand-eye coordination, which might be the culprit for the super weak looking punch you'll see. Or she just might punch like a girl. Either way, she's trying to wail on this chick, but it just looks ineffective. Thanks to all the paparazzi that crowded the event, as we get multiple angles. Enjoy.

In case you're not into this punching business, here's another shot of Lily Allen's nipple slip. For the pacifists out there I guess. Make nipple slips, not war.

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