Tuesday, August 26, 2008

BAFW on Vacation (Again?)

Just how many fucking vacations do I need? Not as many as I'm getting. This is just a quick trip down to San Diego to see a relatively unknown band. I think they're getting to be known by the mainstream and we'd like to have a chance to see them in concert before they get too big. What? Radiohead is already a huge, multi-national and successful band, instantly recognized by their wondrous musical achivements?

I guess it's not a small band after all. So yeah, we got the worst seats imaginable for the concert. Seats that are in an entirely different city. But it just creates an excuse to get out of town for three days and two nights. Away from work and bullshit. I don't have anything scheduled to post for the next couple of days, but the guys over at Analog Medium (also accessible through the links menu in the sidebar) might be posting up a review of mine within the next couple of days. Check them out, they don't get nearly enough vacations.

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