Saturday, June 21, 2008

Post # 1500! Brought to you by Boobs!

I wanted to do something special for my fifteenth hundredth (looks more regal when you spell it out), but I figured boobs would be special enough. Lucy Pinder and Sophie Howard are U.K. models that pretty much live to show their tits in print and around the interwebs. I had no idea when I started this blog thing that I would end up posting naked pictures of chicks for your viewing pleasure. Oh well, things tend to evolve and change over time. I remember when this was just a place where I would tell funny stories or show pictures that made me laugh my ass off (aka LMAO). Now, it's a den of depravity which I'm pretty sure is contributing to the decline of mankind as a whole. Anyway, I'm going to stop waxing nostalgic now. Here are a couple of more choice pictures of these two models, getting all cozy and touchy-feely with each other.

These pictures come courtesy of "Nuts" magazine, which, judging by it's content, must have received lots of nuts all over it's pages over the course of its publishing history . . . what? It's called a pun. Deal with it.

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