Tuesday, June 10, 2008

BAFW Vacation in Progress

Some of you might not have noticed that since Friday afternoon, I've been on vacation. I set up BAFW to keep posting things (mostly videos as you have seen) during my absence using Blogger's future posting option. It's pretty cool. I spent Saturday through Monday in Las Vegas, gambling and drinking giant margarita drinks (and subsequently feeling like shit) the whole weekend. We even caught a burlesque show over at The Palms casino courtesy of my cousin Mig. The whole weekend was a great time and I only (technically) lost $100 bucks. My sister won $1000 on a dollar slot machine (I think she said it was a Wheel of Fortune one) and my brother in law came up even after spending way too much time at the blackjack tables over at the Paris casino. We even saw some sharks over in old Las Vegas, along with a trippy as fuck light show on Fremont street. The whole weekend was jam-packed with fun shit, and I wish I could give you an event by event breakdown of what happened. Unfortunately, I don't remember much. But, I did snap this picture while at the Golden Nugget's parking lot in downtown Las Vegas.

It's hard to speed when you're only walking


Jen said...

I forgot that you guys went to Vegas, that is so NOT FAIR!

Jaime said...

you could always go to mormon vegas instead. gambling's much closer for you guys than it is for us.

today we're going to the San Diego Zoo. Neener neener neener. That is . . . if Heather can wake up.

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