Saturday, June 21, 2008

My DVD Queue - 6/21/08

I buy a lot of DVD's. I have yet made the jump to Blu-Ray, largely due to the fact that I don't want to buy a PS3. But, I've come across an interesting phenomenon lately. I'm buying more movies than I have time to watch them in . . . I'm not sure if that makes sense, but here's my current list of pending DVD titles to watch.

Frontier(s) - I actually got this a good couple of weeks ago. From the DVD case itself, it says it's the French answer to "Hostel" and "Saw". So, I'm expecting lots of bloody torture.

Cloverfield - I've seen this movie. I bought the DVD just on the strength of that and also so I could see some of the behind-the-scenes stuff that it comes with. But, I bought this so long ago that I can't pin-point the exact time of purchase. It's well before I got "Frontier(s)", so that can give you an idea on how long I've been sitting on this DVD purchase.

Supernatural: Season 1 - This I already started watching, but since it's a whole season spread over 6 discs, it's taking me some time to watch. I only just recently started watching this CW show, and I didn't think I would be too much into it. I was wrong. This is a very well put together show, and the next DVD on the queue should attest to that.

Supernatural: Season 2 - This is next up on my DVD priority list. I think I've already said enough good things about this show. I still need to buy season 3, and pick up season 4 when it comes out so I can be all caught up.

Jumper - My wife and I started this movie already, and no wonder it didn't get great reviews when it hit theaters. Hayden Christiansen has to be one of the most unlikeable movie heroes of all time. We probably got through 1/3 of the movie before we had to turn it off. I'll definitely finish watching it, but it might sit around for a few weeks before I revisit this.

The Signal - This was just purchased yesterday, based on a review I read for "The Happening" which states that this is the movie that M. Knight Shyamalan's movie wanted to be. We got maybe 10 minutes into it before my wife got totally freaked out about it and said we should watch this during the day time. I might actually finish this movie up on Sunday, when I have some free time.

So, that's what I currently have to watch or need to finish watching. More updates as my DVD collection increases.

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