Wednesday, October 21, 2009

BAFW TV Guide - New Comedies Fall 2009

I've been missing for some time from this page. I'd like to say I was doing interesting things in exotic locales . . . but it's mostly been watching the boob-tube. And by that, I mean television, not a freaky-deaky porn site that is similar to YouTube in it's ease of use. But, we're straying from the subject at hand.

"Community" is a new comedy on NBC that plays during their Thursday night block of comedy. It's one of the best half hours of hilarity out right now if you wanted my personal opinion (which I'm guessing is why you're actually taking the time to read this). "Community" stars the great Joel McHale who basic cable TV viewers will know from E's "The Soup". He's part of an ensemble cast that includes Chevy Chase, who is also hilarious in this show. Pretty much the whole cast brings a little something different to the show, set in a fictional community college, and so far, it's always been consistently great. If you haven't jumped on board yet, please do. You're missing out.

Modern Family
The next new comedy of this fall season that I have been thoroughly enjoying is ABC's "Modern Family". This show plays on Wednesday nights (tonight if you're reading this the day that I posted it) and it's also something you can't afford to miss. Otherwise, you'd be comedy bankrupt. There's a lot of funny people in this show, notably the great Ed O'Neill, who you will remember from "Married with Children". Here, he's paired up with a Colombian actress Sofia Vergara (who many male individuals of Hispanic descent will remember from helping them get through puberty). They make up 1/3 of the family portrayed in "Modern Family". The other couples include a gay couple that just adopted a Chinese baby and a more traditional family with a father that tries too hard to be his kids' friends. The scene in the first episode where he's detailing his knowledge of text abbreviations was "LOL". Even though my description isn't doing the show much justice, trust me when I tell you that you need to DVR or TiVo this show ASAP.

BAFW TV Guide will return within the next couple of days where I will talk about new dramatic shows I've been checking out for the first time and enjoying. It might not even take 14 days to come up with a new post. Keep your eyes peeled . . . figuratively speaking. You need those puppies for TV viewing.

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