Thursday, October 29, 2009

BAFW TV Guide - Fringe

Fringe is the best show I'm not currently watching on TV. I do catch myself up on, but Thursday nights are pretty busy when it comes to TV and there are too many conflicts for my DVR to handle. But, that's not to say you should miss this show. It's fantastic. And the scope of the story is just beginning to become realized.

In case you are new to this show, it's basically an FBI procedural show with an inter-dimensional twist. While the show started out a little bit on the X-Files-ish (another great FOX genre show), it has now taken a life of it's own by putting the viewer in the middle of a burgeoning war between our unsuspecting dimension and another, more insidious version. Trying to make sense of it is an FBI agent (played by Anna Torv) who gets mixed up with this and begins investigating weird cases that seem to be all somewhat connected by something that was referenced in the first season as "The Pattern".

Now in it's second season, "Fringe" is ramping up the speed and the strangeness. But it's not at all a bad thing, as the first season ended in a bit of a cliffhanger and season 2 just hits the ground running (or rolling if you watched the first episode of this current season). If you've missed it so far, make sure you pick up the DVD and then head on out to FOX's website to watch this season's missed episodes. "Fringe" doesn't disappoint and actually has an excellent cast of characters, even if Pacey from fucking "Dawson's Creek" is involved. Joshua Jackson is actually quite good here, so don't hold it against the show.

"Fringe" airs on Thursday nights. Check your local listings for actual times.

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