Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tyler Perry Presents Ripping Off Classics

Tyler Perry movies don't appeal to me. Black dudes in drag and fat suits movies have been done better in the past. They're never classics, but a segment of the movie going population eats it up. So, it's a little disturbing when Tyler Perry decides to make a poster for his new Madea movie "I Can Do Bad All By Myself" . . . I'm sorry, I got the name wrong, the movie is naturally called "Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All By Myself" . . . rips off the classic Sam Peckinpah movie "Straw Dogs". It's cinematic blasphemy if you ask me. Perry would call it "Tyler Perry's Cinematic Blasphemy". So, if you come across someone that thinks the above poster is great, quickly slap the back of their head, and make them aware that they're praising a rather plagiaristic homage.


Anonymous said...

Agreed! If I ever met Tyler Perry I would vomit in his face. Peckinpah = originator. Perry = punk-ass biter hack.

Anonymous said...

i am getting realy tired of seeing this motherfucker tyler perry in drag what the hell is he on crack he has made 3 movies so far
people like malcom x didnt fight and die soo this house nigger can wear a dress
what a damm sell out
tyler perry fuck you i hope u drop dead we dont need your ass i am pissed

Anonymous said...

word, lol

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