Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Downfall of the English Language Plans a Snack

So, I get this e-mail at work. From an adult. Someone that should know how to write an e-mail without making him/her-self look like a complete idiot. But hey, I am surrounded by retards at work, so this really shouldn't surprise me too much. There are good intentions that come along with the e-mail, but that first sentence, and what follows, completely takes my mind of what this person was trying to do, and makes me feel bad for the mangling he/she is giving the poor English language. I will italicize what makes me feel sorrow for the language that I love.
Please due not feel obligated!! …… But, for those that are interested…. I was thinking of bring in some muffins, juice and fruit tomorrow for those who want to contribute $2.00 each. I know we all get in early in the morning and be a little hunger so I will pick up some breakfast snacks… I will be in tomorrow at 8am. So if you are interested please give me your $2.00 today I leave at 5pm……. Again please do not feel obligated this is just a suggestion if anyone has any other thoughts or suggestion please let me know…..
I'm not going to even get into the punctuation. All the random "..." just makes me wonder if my employer should require more than just a high school diploma or a G.E.D equivalent.

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