Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Megan Fox in Sexiest Sweatpants Ever

To the untrained eye, Megan Fox in sweatpants wouldn't be much more desirable than Megan Fox in a painted-on micro-dress/skirt. But around here, we look at the details. I know that at first glance that picture above of Megan Fox just looks alright, but if you focus in on the crotch area, you'll get to see a fully realized and well defined camel toe. It's there alright, and it almost looks like her moose-knuckle (for all the Canadian readers) is trying to fight it's way out of those sweatpants. The picture below has a better look, and what might appear to be sudden realization of her wardrobe misstep followed by shame. Or, it might have just been really really sunny that day. Make your own conclusions.

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