Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Futurama: The Return

So, my prayers have been answered. And yes, sometimes I pray for the return of good television programming that was yanked before it's time. I am, of course, talking about "Futurama", a show so superior in quality in comparison to anything that was on TV at that time that FOX decided to cancel it in its infinite wisdom. After all of their previous seasons selling like hotcakes and releasing 4 rather successful straight to DVD movies, "Futurama" has found a new home at Comedy Central, which I hope will treat it the way it deserves to be. You can check out the story at the Variety website. 26 all new episodes will begin airing mid 2010, so make sure you clear your schedule or program your TiVo (or whatever brand of DVR you use).


Anonymous said...

We're all super stoked too, over at Analog Medium. What did you think about the last movie though? I thought it sucked pretty hard myself. At least now that won't be the final act to remember it by.

Jaime said...

I had a good time with the movie, but it wasn't the best one of the four. But since it helped bring the show back to life, I love it.

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