Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jessica Simpson Upskirts Good Morning America

Jessica Simpson performed some new tracks from her country music album on Good Morning America, and I guess the only way she knows how to sell records is the good ol' fashioned way. By showing some ass. At least that's how I sell my country music albums. She also decided to goof it up by sticking her tongue out like a slack-jawed country bumpkin. She must be trying to connect to the intended demographic. In the picture below, it's really not clear whether Jessica is wearing underwear or not. I'll let you folks decide on that one. My own personal hypothesis is that her manager/father/ex-preacher made sure something like this would happen. Therefore, I think that's all bare ass. But hey, don't be swayed by my scientific findings. It's a free world. Make your own decisions.

Hey look ya'lls, I can be lady-like too!

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