Wednesday, January 20, 2010

BAFW's Nature Appreciation - Bullet Owl

Here at BAFW, I don't just appreciate movie trailers and videogames and, in the past, nip slips and upskirts. No, there is a larger scope to my interests. It's not much larger, but it does encompass other things. Like the awesomeness of nature. Evidenced in the picture above. No, that's not the military's next secret weapon. It's actually just an owl in mid-flight, probably getting ready to dive at a field mouse to make itself a tasty lunch . . . or dinner . . . or maybe even brunch. I don't know what time of day that picture was taken, and I'm not sure if this particular owl just sticks to a solid 3 meals a day or if it likes to snack in between. I don't know the bird. But, I do know that I think that picture is pretty kick-ass. Even if it doesn't display the slipping nipple of a Hollywood starlet or the exposed panties (or lack thereof) of a celebutard like Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan.

Although, I wouldn't put it past them to start stuffing bullet owls in their crotch's to attract bird watchers instead of the paparazzi.

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