Friday, December 11, 2009

Daybreakers Trailer

The Spierig Brothers, directors of the rather fun but ultimately uneven Australian zombie flick "Undead", are back, this time taking on vampires in their latest film titled "Daybreakers". From the looks of this trailer, it would appear that they got some quality actors this time around for their futuristic look at a world overrun by bloodsuckers. Check out the trailer. The movie should be coming out soon. Not exactly sure when it comes out. I've been out of the loop lately when it comes to movie premier dates. But, I'm sure you can do a Google search or something. Sheesh, do I have to do everything for you?

1 comment:

lilly said...

This movie looks great- good to see Ethan Hawke back on the scene. The Daybreakers facebook page is cool too-

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