Saturday, December 12, 2009

BAFW TV Guide - Guilty Pleasure

I tend to stay clear of reality TV. I do appreciate the value and merit of a well scripted show. For the most part, MTV has been pumping out these generic and engineered shows like "The Real World" and all of those "Laguna Beach" spin-off's. Totally forgettable television if you ask me. And then they went back to the drawing board and created this fantastically terrible but hard not to watch show entitled: "Jersey Shore". In itself, this show is a spin off of a "True Life" MTV documentary, but that's the only place MTV cut corners.

The show is full of self-proclaimed guidos and guidettes. Basically, Italian-American douchebags. These kids are more preoccupied with tanning, fist pumping to house music, hooking up and drinking heavily. And, despite looking like MTV put blinders on when casting, these kids think they're the hottest thing since garlic bread. It's hilarious. I'm currently just tuning in to see how much I can hate these ass-hats. Check your local listings if you want to catch the show. MTV plays it all the time. Since the show just started a couple of weeks ago, you might even get to watch the 2 hour (yes, T W O) season premiere.

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