Sunday, December 21, 2008

"My Name is Bruce" Screening 12/20/2008

BAFW & The Sal were in attendance this past Saturday night in West Los Angeles's Nuart Theater for the screening of the aforementioned movie. What can I say about this movie. It's terrible. But, that's why I love it. I know, it's kind of backwards, but if you're a fan of Bruce Campbell, then you know that pretty much after "Evil Dead 2", he's fully embraced "B-Movies". And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Do I even need to go into plot details about this? It's not like you can go watch it in theaters. Last night was it's final theatrical showing before it's released on DVD in a couple of months. I guess I can give you a couple of details. Bruce Campbell plays himself, self-depricating his own career, when he is kidnapped by a super-fan to help fight an ancient Chinese demon that was accidentally released and went on a murderous rampage. There is plenty of comedy, everyone in attendance spent most of the night laughing their collective asses off.

The highlight of the screening though, for me, and I'm sure most of the other fans there, was the Q&A with Bruce Campbell himself. He was there, answering questions from the fans. There's really nothing that I care to transribe from the Q&A, as Campbell himself started asking the audience for questions that he could actually answer. But, even with the ridiculous questions that were fielded that night, Campbell took it all in stride and made everyone laugh with his often sarcastic remarks.

Make sure you check out "My Name is Bruce" when it hits DVD in February.

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