Friday, May 08, 2009

Trailer - One Eyed Monster

The only reason I'm posting up this trailer for a straight-to-DVD movie is because it features the killer penis of Ron Jeremy. Let me explain. Not that I love Ron Jeremy's male endowment, but rather, in this movie, his penis is possessed while shooting a porn movie by an extra-terrestrial entity that kills the infamous porn star, but, keeps the penis alive and no longer encumbered by it's previous human host. The crew and other co-stars of the movie then need to survive the attacks of this phallic monster. Do I want to watch this movie? Sure. Why not. It looks like a fun and campy horror movie. I'm sure there's not much that's scary, and performances might be average at best, but come on. It's a killer penis. Ron Jeremy's penis. Check out the trailer.

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