Friday, July 31, 2009

Search Terms for July 2009

Another month has come and gone. Can't believe the year is already more than half-way through. We will be leaving 2009 in the dust soon enough, wondering why we didn't get to know you better. But, the searching for depravity never stops around here. Here's a small segment of what you've been looking for, and what brought you to BAFW. See if you can find your search in there.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Downfall of the English Language Plans a Snack

So, I get this e-mail at work. From an adult. Someone that should know how to write an e-mail without making him/her-self look like a complete idiot. But hey, I am surrounded by retards at work, so this really shouldn't surprise me too much. There are good intentions that come along with the e-mail, but that first sentence, and what follows, completely takes my mind of what this person was trying to do, and makes me feel bad for the mangling he/she is giving the poor English language. I will italicize what makes me feel sorrow for the language that I love.
Please due not feel obligated!! …… But, for those that are interested…. I was thinking of bring in some muffins, juice and fruit tomorrow for those who want to contribute $2.00 each. I know we all get in early in the morning and be a little hunger so I will pick up some breakfast snacks… I will be in tomorrow at 8am. So if you are interested please give me your $2.00 today I leave at 5pm……. Again please do not feel obligated this is just a suggestion if anyone has any other thoughts or suggestion please let me know…..
I'm not going to even get into the punctuation. All the random "..." just makes me wonder if my employer should require more than just a high school diploma or a G.E.D equivalent.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What You've Been Looking For: V For Vendetta Panty Scene

For a couple of years now, after the release of "V for Vendetta" and my subsequent Search-Mania posts, I have noticed that a lot of people are looking for very specific things. Like, the video above. The scene where Natalie Portman is wearing the school-girl outfit and flashes her panties while fending off a lecherous priest has been what I would assume, the holy grail for all Natalie Portman panty-scene afficionados. So, here it is, finally some would say, but I guess better late than never. It even has slo-mo for those that just want to savor the moment. Enjoy.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tron Legacy Trailer

Wow. I didn't have high hopes for the formerly titled "Tron 2.0", now going by the name "Tron Legacy", until I saw this trailer at the Flynn lives website. And it's going to be released in 3D as well. Now, I haven't really been into this new batch of 3D movies lately, but this one might lend itself well to the technology. Check out the pretty awesome trailer over at that site, and you can even choose different formats if the embed is not up to your standards.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl Trailer = WTF!?

"Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl" is a movie. I can say that for sure. But why the Japanese decided to make this is beyond my realm of comprehension. It looks bug-nuts insane. It's all blood spray and terrible acting from what I can gleam from the trailer. But, maybe that's why I want to watch it now. In any case, peep out the trailer. And get some handy wipes ready to wipe off the excess blood from your computer screens. It's that bloody.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Whiteout Trailer

"Whiteout" is, sadly, not a movie about my favorite brand of corrective fluid. Rather, it's a comic book movie adaptation which puts Kate Beckinsale in a murder type mystery in the icy Antarctic. I've never actually read the source material, so if I go watch this movie, I go in with no expectations. The trailer looks OK so far, but if anyone's actually read the comic, please let me know if it's doing it any justice. And if I should get the actual comic book as well. I need some good reading material. Thanks to IGN for hosting the video, and making embedding so easy.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fergie has Manly Package

I knew Fergie, the person responsible for ruining the "Black Eyed Peas", was the epitome of butterfaces, but "possibly a man" hadn't really entered into my realm of thought . . . until now. Whatever she's man-handling below her skirt sure looks like something of a phallic nature. Now, not only am I confused by her husband, actor Josh Duhamel, but I'm also feeling a little sorry for him. Obviously, he got more than what he bargained for when he hooked up with Fergie. Maybe he was a total douche in a past life and now he has to atone for whatever he did. In any case, I'm not saying that that's absolutely a penis under there . . . but it sure looks like it. Allegedly.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tyler Perry Presents Ripping Off Classics

Tyler Perry movies don't appeal to me. Black dudes in drag and fat suits movies have been done better in the past. They're never classics, but a segment of the movie going population eats it up. So, it's a little disturbing when Tyler Perry decides to make a poster for his new Madea movie "I Can Do Bad All By Myself" . . . I'm sorry, I got the name wrong, the movie is naturally called "Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All By Myself" . . . rips off the classic Sam Peckinpah movie "Straw Dogs". It's cinematic blasphemy if you ask me. Perry would call it "Tyler Perry's Cinematic Blasphemy". So, if you come across someone that thinks the above poster is great, quickly slap the back of their head, and make them aware that they're praising a rather plagiaristic homage.

Monday, July 20, 2009

New Futurama Returns with New Voice Cast?

So, the return of "Futurama" is becoming a bittersweet ordeal. Both and are reporting (from various sources, so by the time it hits here, you can bet it's an absolute and undeniable truth) that key voice cast members Billy West, John DiMaggio and Katey Sagal won't be returning when the show hits cable again on Comedy Central next year. Salary disputes are cited as the cause of their exit. But, those three voice actors are "Futurama" in my opinion. Sure, the writing is what makes the show, but those guys and lady say the lines, and my brain has imprinted to them like a baby chick does to a mother bird. In a perfect world, I would throw any amount of money they want at them to continue with the show. But, sadly, I guess we'll just have to make due with slightly off-sounding Leela, Bender, Fry and all the other characters Billy West plays (a lot of them).

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Koreans Emotionally Scar Baby Bear for Life

I'm not sure if I should be outraged or LOL'ing at this poor baby bear. But one thing is for sure, Koreans are cruel. Well, at least some of their television programming is. I don't want to make broad generalizations. Check out this baby bear, freaking out when he is forced to share an enclosure with a couple of baby lions. I guess it's too much for the bear cub, because it's then placed with other baby animals, and it just can't take it. It even becomes afraid of shadows. I'm just glad my tax dollars won't go to pay for that bear's adult therapy sessions.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Day One Trailer

I do enjoy a post-apocalyptic yarn from time to time. That's why, this trailer for NBC's "Day One" is looking mighty freaking cool to me. The video is not that great when it comes to quality, but the ideas and concept shine through anyway. What at first looks like a re-hashed meteor strike is then substituted with something more sinister. Check your local listings for this one. It's probably not going to start with the regular fall season of 2009, so look out for it mid-season 2010. It's going to feel like a long wait, but to me, it looks like it might just be worth it.

Update: So, the first video was killed by NBC . . . let's see how long this one lasts.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Jennifer's Body Red Band Trailer

If you were thinking to yourself lately: "I want to see Megan Fox in a movie, but I don't care much for giant transforming robots and Shia LeBoeuf", then I'm pretty sure that "Jennifer's Body" is the movie you've been waiting for. It's also the new one from Diablo Cody, ex-stripper turned screenwriter that gave us the delightfully sarcastic "Juno". And it's a red-band trailer, so you know that either skin is displayed or cursing happens. So, why are you still reading this, check out the trailer. You don't want all the cool kids thinking you're not hip.

Edit: For some reason, the embedded player doesn't want to work on my MacBook's Firefox or Safari browsers. If you're experiencing a similar problem, then you could go to the original posting here and check out the trailer.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Attack of the Phantom Audio

I have to apologize to any BAFW readers that might have had their ears accosted by this phantom audio that is playing over my blog. I have no idea where it's coming from specifically. I have a good idea that it might be generated by one of the marketing/advertising providers that I have posted up over the good ol' BAFW, I just don't know which one. I have to do a little research and stop that. For now, try to deal with the stream of nigh-incomprehensible gibberish that is pouring out of your computer speakers. If you are hearing it though. Sometimes I come on the site and it's quiet as a mouse that is into being quiet.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Couples Retreat Trailer

"Couples Retreat", for all intents and purposes, is something I should have no interest in watching. It's a little formulaic and decidedly intended for women. But, just like the latest batch of romantic comedies that I have enjoyed (ex: "I Love You, Man" and "Away We Go") it seems to incorporate elements that even I can enjoy. I might even take the wife to go see this, and I'll be a fucking hero for choosing a movie that doesn't have explosions or transforming robots. Check out the YouTube trailer above, and for the more discerning trailer viewers, check out the movie's Apple trailer page for more pristine viewing.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Denise Richards: It's Camel-Toe

I don't follow Denise Richards's career any longer. She used to be a big star back in the late 90's and early 00's, but now, she just has that show on cable "Denise Richards: It's Complicated" and it looks like a total snooze fest. If I had sleep deprivation problems, I might tune in to pass out, but you can ask my wife. I don't have that. I'm borderline narcoleptic sometimes. But now I'm deviating from the topic at hand, or, the topic at crotch if you will. While completely uninteresting to me in a professional sense, she does still have a slight camel-toe in the picture above, so now it's post-worthy. Enjoy the pic, and the one below, which is more a showcase of her bikini wearing abilities than the one above. I have to say, for no longer being a spring chicken, she's not looking terrible.

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