Thursday, January 29, 2009

Search Terms for Jan 2009

This comes a couple of days early. Only because I'm not sure if I'll have the time to compile and post this over the next couple of days. I'll italicize the interesting (at least to me) search terms below. Feel free to let me know if I missed something.

grace park nipple slip - Google Search CA
janice dickinson Camel Toe - Google Search IL
High Five a Blind Guy - Google Search
ashley tisdale nip slips - Google Search CA
undo your bra and show your tits - Comcast Search
Ryan Seacrest - Google Search RU
upskirt while riding cycle - Google Search IN
Kate bosworth nude - Google Search
whitney port nipple slip pictures - Google Search
bianca gascoigne knickers - Google Search UK
downblouse palin - Google Search
megan fox nip slip - Google Search CA
natalie burg blog - Google Search
louis armstrong publication in japanese - AOL Search
olympic upskirt - Google Search CH
tv presenters boob slip - Google Search
britney spears nipple flash - Google Search UK
katy perry candid - Google Search UK
pussycats dolls slip - Google Search NL
bianca gascoigne crotch shot - Google Search UK
who is heff new girlfriends - Google Search NL
new girlfriends of heff - Google Search
beyonce nipslip - Google Search
Courtney Cox slip - Google Search
jennifer aniston cleavage - Google Search
cortana hentai - Google Search ES
tennis camel toe pics - Google Search DE
kim kardashian sex tape for itouch - Google Search
nicole scherzinger nipple slip - Google Search
rosario dawson complex poster - Google Search
blogs are for wusses - Yahoo Search
legal camel toes - Google Search
selma blair camel toe - Google Search
lily allen see thru on boat - Google Search
nude reality stars the hills - Google Search
hermione peeing - Google Search
maggie grace nip slip - Google Search UK
evangeline lilly panties - Google Search
real housewives nude - Google Search
leelee sobieski oops - BlogSearch Hugh Jackman - Google Search JP
feedback on amazon - Google Search
olivia munn bunny - Google Search
whitney's beach nipple slip - Google Search
olivia munn weed - Google Search
tennis "camel toe" pictures - Google Search DE
'lily punch' - Google Search CA
hirsute upskirt - Google Search UK
jennifer aniston nipples break up fullscreen - Google Search UK
figure skating nip slip - Yahoo Search
grey's anatomy nipple - Google Search
upskirt - Google Search PL
ass cleavage 4 trailer - Google Search CH
"nip slip" "ice dancing" video - Google Search CAT
katherine mcphee scratching camel toe - Google Search
gymnasts candid cameltoe - Google Search MA
heffs new - Google Search AU
is dane cook gay - Google Search
apple twins + nip slip - Google Search
naked bride - Netscape Search
Madonna's vagina - Google Search
"bikini all the time" - Google Search
morgan webb nipple slip - Google Search
heffs new girlfriends playboy - Google Search AU
evangeline nipple - Google Search
jessica simpson sideboob - Google Search
first boobs i saw - Google Search
"pubes are back" - Google Search
the hills audrina hustler - Google Search

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Trailer vs Trailer - Last House on the Left

In this corner, we have the original 1972 version.

And, in this corner, we have the 2009 remake version.

Thanks to Analog Medium for bringing this movie to my attention. They just reviewed the original 1972 version. So, if you want some cinematic insight on this seminal horror masterpiece, head on over to their site (just click their name already). Wes Craven directed the first one and he seems to be producing the remake. I guess he figured that if someone should profit from the pimping of his own past material, it should be him. Well played Wes Craven, well played.

Ong Bak 2 Trailer Kicks Your Ass Every Which Way Possible

I'm sure I've posted another video about the upcoming "Ong Bak 2", but that was 2008. It's 2009 now baby, and the official trailer for this filmed, epic ass-kicking is out for your viewing pleasure. Remember, Tony Jaa doesn't use stunt doubles of fancy wire-fu. It's all him doing these amazing moves.

Now, I heard that Jaa went kinda crazy while making this movie. Something about the stresses of working on some behind the scenes type of stuff. I'm just glad he got it together in the end and was able to complete what looks like a really good period piece with tons of broken limbs and flying knees to the torso. Just from the trailer alone, I'm going to nominate this for a best picture Oscar.

What . . . you have to be in the Academy to do that? Since when?!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hello Mr. President

Barack Hussain Obama was sworn in today. It was hard to miss the inauguration, or at least hear someone talking about the inauguration today. I fell into the latter category, as I was stuck at work pretty much all day. My wife told me he delivered a pretty strong speech and that he actually has a command of the English language. As opposed to our outgoing president, George Walker Bush. Whether you voted for Obama or not, it doesn't matter now. He's our president, and he's going to have lead us through some tremulous and troublesome times. We voted for change and it couldn't have come at a better time. Congratulations from BAFW Mr. 44th President of the United States of America.

Now, I heard something about a tax rebate. Where do I sign up for that.

I Love You, Man Red Band Trailer

I am no big fan of chick flicks. But, "I Love You, Man" just might make me change my opinion of these types of movies. I guess you could say that this is your typical pre-wedding type of movie, but with swear words a-plenty and some cringe-inducing moments. Which are two of things I love the most. It helps that the producers of this movie realized that the only way to get guys into this movie was to throw them a red band trailer. So, between this, and the fact that my wife laughed her ass off through most of this trailer, it's becoming a solid reality that come March 20th, we're going to be in the theater for this one. Check out the trailer, take your significant other to this movie, and then get some oral sex after. Everyone will be happy.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Olivia Munn Heats Bikinis & Polaroids

Olivia Munn, of "Attack of the Show" fame, seems to be on vacation in Hawaii, and apparently, loves to spend time in bikinis snapping Polaroid pictures of herself . . . which I'm totally fine with. I don't think anyone would complain about these pictures, with the exception of some Polaroid addicts that know that there's a finite amount of Polaroid exposures before we reach the end of the supply. If you're not in the know, Polaroid no longer produces refills for their instant cameras. So, if you're looking at these pictures and thinking: "oh my, what a waste", you're totally entitled to your opinion, but I'll be thinking this: "that guy thinks it's a waste? what a gh3y!". More pictures below. Polaroid enthusiasts, try not to cry to much about them.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hugh Jackman Explains Wolverine Re-Shoots via E-mail to AICN

I had been reading that the new X-Men movie, "X-Men Origins: Wolverine", was undergoing extensive re-shoots in Vancouver, Canada. There was speculation that since Fox would be winning a settlement over the distribution rights to the upcoming "Watchmen" movie, this influx of fresh cash from Warner Bro's was allowing for Fox to add some more badass'ery to the Wolverine movie. Apparently, that is not so. Here's Hugh Jackman's e-mail to Harry Knowles, of
Hey Mate- Would you mind posting this? Thank you for your support! HJ

Hey everyone -

It's Hugh Jackman, sending this note from freezing Vancouver. I have read a lot of your online comments regarding the footage that we are currently shooting and I share your passion for the Wolverine character and the movie - I owe it all to you guys!

I wanted to reach out and let you know that due to scheduling conflicts with certain cast members and location/weather considerations, we had to wait until now to shoot a couple of scenes. Please rest assured that WOLVERINE will be badass and hopefully meet all of your expectations. I am stoked by the positive response to the teaser, which clearly reflects the tone and scope of the film. If you like that, we've got much more in store!

In the meantime, here's an exclusive shot of some characters you may recognize...


He also included the picture that is re-posted below.

Click on the picture to see it get berserker rage big, snickity snickt! And, in case you haven't been to a movie theater lately, or just heard of the internets, the teaser trailer for "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" is below.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Crank 2: High Voltage Trailer

I absolutely loved the first "Crank" movie. There was no thinking required. It was all action and I had a blast watching it. I thought a sequel was unlikely, being that it looked like Jason Statham's character, "Chev Chelios", died. But, the first few seconds of this trailer for "Crank 2: High Voltage" clears that up for you rather simply and then launches you into another electrically fueled violent romp through the streets of Los Angeles. I don't think I have to tell you that I'm looking forward to this movie coming out. Check out the trailer, courtesy of

The Downfall of the English Language Sends and E-mail

It has become crystal clear to me that the people I work with are, for the most part because there are always exceptions to the rule, a bunch of grammatical retards. I got this e-mail in my work inbox (as well as everyone else in the unit) asking for contributions to celebrate a co-worker's birthday. Throughout the e-mail, anything in [] is me doing commentary on the material contained within the e-mail.
One of your co-workers birthday is arrivaling [arrivaling? When did that become a word? Is the new form of departure now departuraling?] soon we planned to celebrate on the 15th of the month. Xxxxxxx loves Popeyes chicken [I like it too, but I'm a vegetarian, so I'm contributing for food that I can't eat], everybody knows that food are expenses [I also know food is expensive], and we can’t afford to feed people that don’t contribute. So in order to make this date a successful one for xxxxxxx we are asking everyone in her unit to give $5.. [not sure why there's a double period there] Again this is for the chicken, cake or cheesecake (her speciality) [which she didn't make, so I think she meant her "favorite"] and etc…Keep in mind xxxxxxx gives to everybody…P.S. If you don’t donate we have to asked you not to help yourself with the food [what? I did donate, and I didn't help myself to the food]… ..Any questios please contact xxxx — & xxx-xxx ext.xxxxx
I x'd out the person's name and extension for their protection, but this e-mail was seriously circulated to every single person in my unit. Furthermore, it was authored by someone that just celebrated working for the bank 30 years. That's longer than I have been alive. You'd think that in those 30 years of service, she would have learned how to write something semi-coherent, but I guess not.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ryan Seacrest High-Five's a Blind Guy

I guess "American Idol" is back with a new season. I don't watch the show, so I didn't actually see this happen. I actually heard about this on the radio on my way to work a couple of mornings ago. But, here he is, trying to congratulate a blind contestant with a high-five he clearly didn't see coming. . . . Get it? 'Cause he's blind. I would call Ryan Seacrest a giant douchebag for doing this, but he's tiny. Like a bleached (and subsequently spray-tanned) smurf in metro-sexual clothing.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Whitney Port Bikini + Nip Slip PIctures = Who the Hell is Whitney Port?

Maybe I'm not doing a great job of following MTV and all of it's reality show spin-offs. Apparently, there's a show on that cable channel called "The City", which is an abortion of the already established and (I have no idea why) popular show "The Hills", which was teenage-birthed by MTV's first televised program about privileged youth: "Laguna Beach". Which, still leaves me wondering: Who the hell is Whitney Port? And to tell you the truth, part of me doesn't want to know. Because, just like in "Scanners", I think my head would explode like a ripe melon if someone sat me down and explained the chronology behind why this girl has a television show about her.

What I'll do instead, is check out these bikini pictures, which come with nipple slip (for as long as Photobucket lets it, so, by the time you read this, there might be a "content deleted" picture where the nipple slip should be . . . early bird gets the nipple around here) because it's the only real way to maintain my sanity. I kinda need that, right?

Click on the pictures to make them, and parts of your anatomy, larger.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Franklyn Trailer

It's not clear yet if the U.S. will get this movie or not. It just screened at the London Film Festival and was picked up for U.K. and European release next month, but so far, no news that an American distributor has acquired it. Which, would be a shame if it didn't. Adult (not porno, but thematically mature as opposed to a kiddie film that might appeal to a segment of the adult population) fantasy is few and far between, specially ones that look as good as "Franklyn" does. And the cast is no slouch either. You get Eva Green, Ryan Phillipe, and some great British talent that has worked on a host of awesome films in front of and behind the cameras ranging from "Startdust" and "Layer Cake" to "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" and the upcoming comic book adaptation "Kick-Ass". Did I mention the movie looks fantastic as well? Check out the trailer and cross your fingers. I totally want to see this. I hope it makes its overseas journey to our American theaters.

Friday, January 09, 2009

The Japanese Louis Armstrong

I somehow need to get a cable channel where they show nothing but Japanese game shows. I don't even know what kind of competition this is . . . but if it involves a dude in black face, making faces that I could only correlate to a bad case of constipation, I want to watch it. Sure, this could be seen as borderline racist, but remember, if you hate this Japanese dude for impersonating a black man, then you're kind of hating Asians, and that would complete the racism cycle. So, instead of being part of the problem, just laugh, move on, and be part of the solution.

I should be an inspirational speaker.

New Transformers Movie Teases with Poster

I wish I could be showing you a teaser trailer for the upcoming Transformers movie. But alas, alls I have is this teaser poster. A bit on the foreboding side. Looks like Megatron is pissed. At least, I think that's Megatron. Didn't he die at the end of the last movie? Who cares, as long as Megan Fox is back looking like your dream mechanic, it's all good right? I also read that this Transformers movie will make the previous one look like an indie flick in terms of the scope and all of the cool shit they've crammed into it. Again, as long as Megan Fox is running around, looking super hot, I'm there.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Dangers of Leaving Seller Feedback on Amazon

I did a large chunk of my Christmas 2008 shopping on For the most part, it was convenient, speedy, and affordable. When I was buying things directly from the company. But one item, the i-Dance Walle, was sold out through Amazon, and I had to purchase it from one of their partner retailers for double what it would have cost if I had bought it directly from the online retailer.

And I was fine with it, because I knew the gift would be loved by the recipient. So, when I got an e-mail from Amazon asking me to rate the transaction, even though I had felt robbed a little, I went ahead and gave this retailer, "Buy 4 Less Shop" a 3 out 5 stars. A neutral review. Which, in retrospect, I'm feeling I was extremely generous with.

Fast forward to today. I open my e-mail, and I get this in my inbox:

Recently I've noticed that you left us neutral feedback for this
order, stating that "The item arrived on time. Not sure why the seller goes by "Buy 4 less" as I had to pay just about double for what this item cost. But whatever, no one else had it." Please understand, that in order for us to be able to provide our customers with great service and convenience of online shopping some items we sell are sold at over retail price. It might look like we making out as bandits on this sale, but please trust me, we do not. Let me explain - charges us 15% of each sale amount, including shipping charges, so all
we received from after fees was $33.90. Actual shipping expense was $5.29, that leaves us with $28.61. Our purchase price was $21, so that leaves $7.61 BEFORE any of our internal expenses and taxes that we have to pay, so that leaves us with nowhere near a double profit.

If we would set our price any less than it was we would be selling at a loss and no business can operate like that. We did everything we promised, delivering your purchase promptly (your purchase was made on 11/29 and delivered on 12/04) and in the condition described.

We really would like to ask you to reconsider your decision and remove the feedback you left for us as it is damaging to our business. We would greatly appreciate if you did. You can do it in one easy step by following this link :

You will find a feedback section two-thirds of the way down the page. To remove feedback, please click on the "Remove" link

Looking forward to hear from you,

Buy 4 Less Shop
You can see my original review in the body of their e-mail. I italicized it for better viewing. This store is pretty much telling me to go back and delete the feedback, because they explained to me why they overcharged me and because the item arrived on time. Everything in the transaction went through fine. That's why I gave them the 3 out of 5 stars. I just wasn't happy with the price that I had to pay, but I'm still entitled to letting people know that even though everything went according to plan, I was a little dissatisfied with the actual price I had to pay. Here's my e-mail response to them:
Thank you for explaining your business practices to me. The review/seller feedback will still stand. It is, after all, my opinion, and I am entitled to it. Furthermore, a neutral review is not a negative review, so please don't make me re-evaluate my opinion again. But it is by your store's own admission that you overcharged me for this product. I understand that "Buy 4 Less" does not like what I said, which is why I'm getting this e-mail, but they have to understand that we live in a free country where anyone can say anything they want so long as it's the truth. And the truth is, you overcharged me to cover your business expenses.

Looking forward to not hearing anything else about this,

Neutral Consumer
From now on, I'm only buying shit online from Amazon directly. At least when you give them a review, they don't send you a pussified e-mail asking you to go back and silence yourself because they don't like your opinion of their services. I have no ill-will or bad feelings towards "Buy 4 Less Shop", but because of this e-mail, it's going to further cement my resolution to not buy anything from them ever again.

One last thing before I go. (which has a partnership with Target) had it for $19.99, so you can see, from their excuse: "we would be selling at a loss and no business can operate like that" doesn't really hold any water. Apparently, and Target can operate like this and they're still in business.

Broken Lizard's Slammin' Salmon Red Band Trailer

I love me some Broken Lizard movies. "Super Troopers", "Club Dread" and "Beerfest" hold a special place in my heart. We can forget "Puddle Jumper" ever happened. I mean, it was their first movie. Let's consider that an audition to greatness. But, their new movie is coming out, and sadly, it's not the hinted at sequel to "Beerfest" that was supposed to take place in Amsterdam. This new one is called "Slammin' Salmon", and the guys were gracious enough to cut a red ban trailer for this one. For those not in the know, these type of trailers own the crap out of the regular trailers you'd see in the theaters. Special thanks to Collider for hosting the adult version of this trailer. Check it out and look for this in theaters later this year.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Madonna's Vagina - Purse Endorser

Not sure how, or actually why, the Louis Vuitton company got Madonna's crotch to endorse their handbags. Is anyone seeing this and thinking "Oooh! It's Madonna's panty-covered vag' . . . I need me a new purse!". But hey, I'm not a genius in marketing, but I have a suggestion for their next ad campaign. Maybe don't ransack a museum next time for the freshest looking mummified remains and go with someone that . . . fuck it, anyone else will do. I'm pretty sure this ad will not make Guy Ritchie buy Louis Vuitton shit.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

BAFW Remebers: XMAS 2008

This would be where I brag about the cool shit I got this past Christmas. Funny thing about this year's festivities: Not a single present was purchased for Christ. He totally gets shafted on his own, alleged, birthday. Anyway, on to the presents.

Movies on DVD:

Planet Terror
Death Proof
Sold Out: A Threevening with Kevin Smith

XBOX 360 Games & Accessories:
Fallout 3
XBOX 360 Chatpad w/headset
XBOX 360 rechargeable battery (black)

Old Navy Hoodie
Sheep Love t-shirt
Another, non-Old Navy, but still adequately cool Hoodie
Around the House Slippers

Reading Material:
Marvel Zombies - Dead Days
Marvel Zombies #2
Breaking Bad News with Cute Animals

Misc & Cash:
Tickets to a Hockey Game (Jan. 9th 2009)
Olive Garden Gift Card
H&M Gift Card
LED Pocket Flashlight
Cash Money from the Parents

I really should have done this Christmas morning, because now, I'm not quite remembering what I got. If I've forgotten anything (dear Wife), it's not because I didn't like it. I'm just too lazy to go check out my presents now, which are dispersed throughout our luxurious, one bedroom, estate.

BAFW 2008 in Review

So, 2008 surely happened. I don't think I've ever experienced a year go by so fast. Posting was surely down as a direct result of increased hours spent at work. Which, directly impacted my bottom line as far as money. 2008 is the year, so far, that I've made the most money ever. Of course, the IRS and Social Security kept a large chunk of it, but a nice big chunk of that actually also went to my 401K and pension retirement plans.

As far as what I've got in store for 2009 . . . well, things are still sketchy right now. Do I want to keep doing this for another year? Blogging seemed like such a novelty when I started this damn near 4 years ago. I mean, it's likely that I'll continue, but I don't want to promise a certain number of posts per week or per month. I'll play it by ear, see what happens.

So, even though 2008 has been dead and buried for 4 days already, I'd like to say my goodbyes. 2008, you've been a good year to me. Let's hope your younger sibling, 2009, will treat me as well, if not better, than you did. See you never again.
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