Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lesbian Vampire Killers Trailer

I realize I've pretty much been absent since a few days before Christmas, and now it's almost the end of the year. December has been a lean month for posts, but here I am, 10 min's til 4AM, and I have a new post for you. And how could I not post this for you folks. This movie will come out next year, and this is a bit of a teaser trailer, but the flick is called "Lesbian Vampire Killers", and it's either about a bunch of vampires that are lesbians, and naturally killers as well, or, it's about a cadre of lesbian vampire hunting chicks. Either way, you win. Check out the teaser and look out for this movie.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

"My Name is Bruce" Screening 12/20/2008

BAFW & The Sal were in attendance this past Saturday night in West Los Angeles's Nuart Theater for the screening of the aforementioned movie. What can I say about this movie. It's terrible. But, that's why I love it. I know, it's kind of backwards, but if you're a fan of Bruce Campbell, then you know that pretty much after "Evil Dead 2", he's fully embraced "B-Movies". And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Do I even need to go into plot details about this? It's not like you can go watch it in theaters. Last night was it's final theatrical showing before it's released on DVD in a couple of months. I guess I can give you a couple of details. Bruce Campbell plays himself, self-depricating his own career, when he is kidnapped by a super-fan to help fight an ancient Chinese demon that was accidentally released and went on a murderous rampage. There is plenty of comedy, everyone in attendance spent most of the night laughing their collective asses off.

The highlight of the screening though, for me, and I'm sure most of the other fans there, was the Q&A with Bruce Campbell himself. He was there, answering questions from the fans. There's really nothing that I care to transribe from the Q&A, as Campbell himself started asking the audience for questions that he could actually answer. But, even with the ridiculous questions that were fielded that night, Campbell took it all in stride and made everyone laugh with his often sarcastic remarks.

Make sure you check out "My Name is Bruce" when it hits DVD in February.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Revenge of the RROD!

Microsoft . . . you're breaking my heart. Sometimes I feel like a battered housewife that just keeps coming back for more helpings of emotional abuse. Why do I keep putting up with this? This is not the first time I've had the much feared "Red Ring of Death" (RROD) happen to me. It's not even the second time. This is the third instance of this problem for me. And I just bought the XBOX 360 Elite this past August. I've had it for less than 6 months and already this fatal flaw in the gaming console has shown up.

Thankfully, this is not the only XBOX 360 that I have sitting around the house. I still have my original, twice RROD'ed, XBOX 360. And while I know I can get the Elite one fixed at no cost because of the extended warranty that Microsoft placed on the machine because of all the RROD failures, it still bothers me. What happens if my backup fails while my main machine is out for repair?!

When is Apple coming out with a gaming console already. I bet you that shit would never fail.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ellen & Britney Spread the Xmas Cheer

Britney Spears is looking surprisingly sane and lucid in this video that came from the Ellen DeGeneres Show. I had some advance notice about this from my wife, who watches the show (something in her female genetic makeup just attracts her to this type of television programming). There's not much to see in this if you're looking for a scandal . . . and not much to see if you're looking for humor either. We all know that Aretha and a wreath sound the same . . . but it doesn't make it funny. And the bad singing bit was maybe chuckle-worthy the first time they tried it, but by the 5th and 6th instance of that joke, it was feeling like they were beating a dead horse. But, at least Britney wasn't beating that dead horse with an umbrella while sporting a just shaved head. Silver lining.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

GeeDub Gets the Boot

It was bound to happen eventually, I just didn't think someone would take it so literally. George W Bush got attacked by a "sweaty shoe" while having a press conference in Iraq. He displayed some impressive reflexes, as he narrowly dodged the flying footwear that had been aimed straight at his head. Too bad our lame duck President couldn't have translated those reflexes into mental fortitude these past eight years.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Audrina Patridge Shops for Bikini in a Bikini

It would seem that every time I post something about "The Hills" "star", Audrina Patridge, she's in a bikini. So, it should be no surprise to me that she would be wearing a bikini while shopping for a bikini. I know she most likely resides in Southern California, but seriously, it's motherfucking December and she's still walking around wearing a two-piece swimsuit. It's cold out and this chick has no sub-cutaneous layer whatsoever. What was that? Maybe she was wearing clothes to the store and was then photographed in a bikini at the store? Sure buddy. Have you seen "The Hills"? Reason is not part of the equation there. But fine, I'll entertain that thought while you entertain yourself(ves) with these pictures. I know what you do in your mother's basement. The picture below has some faint camel-toe action as well. Think of it as an early Christmas present.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Powder Blue Trailer

Not sure just what this movie is all about. The only real reason I'm posting this trailer up, and the only reason one would actually want to go see this in the theaters, is Jessica Biel stripping. I guess her character in "Powder Blue" is an erotic entertainer, a role that anyone who has been following Biel's career since "7th Heaven" has been hoping for. I also saw Forrest Whitaker and Ray Liotta in the trailer, which thankfully, keep their clothes on during the trailer. I hope that carries over into the actual film itself.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Emma Watson - Nude Soon

The event that every pedophile that ever lived is finally going to happen . . . but will it excite them as much now that the barely legal star of the Harry Potter movie franchise is . . . well, legal? Only time will tell on that one. During a recent interview with "The Sunday Times", Watson said that taking it off in front of the camera would be something she would consider. Her words below:
Asked if she would strip for a role, she replied: "Yes. For Bernardo Bertolucci. It... depends. I'm not getting my kit off any time soon, but it is part of my job."
It's good to know that someone managed to get "you have to take off your clothes eventually" into her acting job description. Whoever that was is a genius. I guess now, it's just a waiting game.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Beauty of Live News

God I love this video. Not because it is a news broadcast. I don't even know which channel MSNBC is on. The hilarity doesn't happen on camera, but you can clearly hear one of the producers going ape-shit crazy over things not going according to planned. I don't know if this guy is still even employed by the cable news channel, but I think he should head up their workplace sensitivity program if they have one. Enjoy the short video.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Donkey Punch Trailer?

I've heard of the "Donkey Punch". But I hadn't heard someone had made a movie, and assigned that sexual act as the title. Right off the bat I thought I was going to see a trailer for a sex comedy . . . but oh was I wrong. From the looks of it, we're looking at a few young, British, people that partied just a little too hard and got themselves in over their heads. Like murder over their heads. So, they go and do what most people that are faced with murder do. And that would be . . . committing more murders to hide the first accidental one. Check out the trailer. I'll probably end up buying this just for the title. I won't even watch it maybe.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Proposition 8: The Musical

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

I know it might be a little late to convince someone that Proposition 8, California's attempt to ban gay marriage, would actually be a bad thing. It's already been voted on, and the "Vote Yes" campaign pretty much locked that victory nice and well. But, the gays are not shutting up about it. I get why. They had a right to marry and now that right was taken away from them. I'd be pissed off too if something similar had happened to me. So, that being said, kick back and enjoy "Proposition 8: The Musical", courtesy of the folks over at FunnyorDie.com. Lots of celebrities in this one. Neil Patrick Harris, Jack Black, the blond chick from "Scrubs", the guy that works in the warehouse from "The Office", and many more I can recognize, but can't remember their names.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Flashy Spice

I guess the Spice Girls are still big somewhere. Big enough that they get invited to places like the 13th Annual British Academy Children's Awards, where, if the kiddies are lucky, they can get a lesson in anatomy that they might not get in school. Case in point: Geri Halliwell, AKA: Ginger Spice, AKA: New Adolescent Wet Dream. You don't see it in the picture above, because a gust of wind hasn't made the night for a few dozen spectators yet. But the picture below, one can plainly see the material the dress is made of is rather see through, and it doesn't help that Halliwell decided to go "commando" to a children's awards event.

This reminds me of the time Lindsay Lohan flashed her ass during the Nickelodeon's Kids Awards back in the day. What is it with the redheads and inducing puberty early on in kids. It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it, right? These women deserve Nobel Prizes in Sluttery.
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