Friday, October 31, 2008

October Search Terms - Spooky for Another Reason

This month's search terms are a little on the spooky side, although it skews to creepy as always. Seriously, you guys (and possibly girls) should really get this obsession with sick shit out of your systems one day. I mean, I know the interwebs was invented for porn, but some of the things that are being searched would offend a person of more sensitive morals. But thankfully, I don't judge, and I'm not easily offended. Which is why most of these things make me laugh. Here's the list of most of what landed you on this site. Oh yeah, I saw that. I'll italicize my faves.

emma watson nude sinful comics free - Google Search ES
amy smart nipples - Google Search
utubeupskirt - Google Search
jessica biel butt - Google Search
porno audition - Google Search
winehouse pubes - Google Search UK
Underworld Evolution sexscene - Google Search TH
pussycat dolls upskirt - Google Search UK
more camel toe - Google Search PL
training day nip slip - Google Search CA
laguna beach upskirt - Google Search
alicia keys pants - Google Search
rapidshare hentai - BlogSearch
claire danes skinny - Google Search
aniston - BlogSearch
jenny mccartney peed - Yahoo Search
not yet legal - AOL Search
"emma watson thong" - Google Search CA
pushing daisies upskirts - Google Search CA
the virjins - Google Search
Sienny Miller naked - Google Search
katharine mcphee nipples - Google Search
vanessa hudgens cameltoe - Google Search
pull over and shit - Google Search
kim kardashian ass stills - Google Search
kim kardashian sex clips part 2 - Google Search
katy perry see through - Google Search
downblouse pics from pushing daisies - Google Search
big brother sex video tourrets - Google Search UK
candid see through - Google Search
jessica simpson up skirts - Google Search IN
cameltoe - BlogSearch
side boob bras - Road Runner Search
watch american sex idol - Google Search
screencaps 3:10 to yuma - Google Search UK
skinny bikini - Google Search
Petra Nemcova Upskirt With Cleavage - Google Search CA
photo accidental upskirt hq - AOL Search FR
katy perry see thru - Google Search
harry potter camel toes - Google Search UK
"hayden panettiere", shorty - Google Search
Nude Housewives - Google Search
sara palin side boob - Google Search
hathaway havoc masturbation - Google Search
jocking sex trailers - Google Search
prettiest girl ever - Google Search
rachel weisz nude screencaps - Google Search
olympic skater nip slip - Yahoo Search
upshorts pics - Google Search
butt pirates of the caribbean - Google Search
naked ass revenge - AOL Search
nude.blogspot - BlogSearch IT
psychologist upskirt pics - Google Search GR
braless - Ok.Hu Search
emma watson mit dildo - Google Search CH
amy winehouse pubes - Google Search
bbc female anchors up-skirts pussy photos - Crawler Search
candid see through - Google Search
"jennifer aniston" cameltoe - Google Search BE
Angela Lindvall PORN - Google Search TR
american sex idol - Google Search LK
olivia munn bikini - Google Search
see through blog - Google Search AT
alessandra ambrosio nude - Ok.Hu Search
katy perry wedgie - Google Search AU
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alicia keys camel toe - Google Search
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UPSKIRT CITY - Google Search ES
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Audrina Patridge nude hq - Google Search
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did katy perry know the cake was fake? - Google Search CA
requiem for a dream" dildo scene wmv - Google Search
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scarlett johansson nip slip - Google Search
heffs new girls - Google Search
TV presenters showing upskirt and nipple slips - Google Search UK
v for vendetta nipple natalie - Google Search
heffs new girlfriends - Google Search UK
wedding downblouse - Google Search
real nude housewives - Google Search
heffner twin girlfriends - Google Search
no one likes a fatty - Google Search
woman diapers man - Comcast Search
gag factor hermione - Google Search
ashley tisdale nipple slip - AOL Search
this morning upskirt - Google Search UK
kyra losing chase panties download - Google Search ZA
katharine mcphee upskirt american idol - Google Search VN
miley cyrus hacked photos - Google Search

The End of A Week that Felt Like an Era AKA: BAFW Vacation Pre-Cursor Post

I'm sure you've heard (or in this case read) me harp about my disdain for the end of the month. My job gets intense around then. Everything kicks into high gear and my teammates and I are doing anything (within the realm of federal and banking regulations) to meet and hopefully exceed or goal to ensure a nice fat bonus check the next month. Two fifteen hour days (5 AM - 8 PM) followed by a 5 AM - 2 PM day that caps off what I like to call "Collections Hell Week".

Today was specially tough on me as not only did I have to get through that, but I also needed to prepare to take a trip out to Utah to meet my wife who flew out there Thursday morning. My work obligations kept me in Los Angeles until now. But that meant that, after work today, I couldn't really just kick my shoes and vegge out in front of my big screen. No. I had to get to the store to pick up some stuff up that I needed for my 12 hour drive (I heard I could probably do it in 10) tomorrow morning. Which means I had to get my car in tip-top shape. Oil change, tire rotation, etc. I also had to drop off my dog at my mom's, who graciously offered to dog-sit for me over the weekend. I also had to take my wife's car to the body shop to mend a fender bender so that my wife could have her car back by the time we're back in town, which also meant I had to take public transportation (gasp!) home after that.

A pretty full day after having to wake up at 3:30 AM to get to work by 5 AM today. But now it's all winding down. I'm making a ton of CD's to keep me entertained (and awake) on the road. And it's also, officially the beginning of BAFW vacation # . . . . umm . . . I lost track of which vacation number this is this year. I know it's definitely the last one for the year. After this, I think I have 3 hours left which will shorten one of my days sometime between now and the end of the year.

So, I'll be gone for a few days. I'll set the robo-poster to throw out some video posts while I'm gone. There are some pretty cool things hitting theaters that you should know about. Keep posted while I'm gone for more details. In the meantime, I'm off to some relaxation and well deserved rest. I'll see you cool kids around.


Yes, a Seacrest joke. I was feeling ironic.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

P. Diddy is an Inappropriate Daddy

I guess it's nice to see a grown man and his naked infant sons in Italian Vogue for Men . . . but wait, I think those are actually his daughters. What the fuck Diddy. What kind of parenting style is this?

Some people shouldn't procreate at all.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Olivia Munn Gets Complex for Halloween

With Halloween right around the corner (weeks have corners?) I think it's time for a Halloween themed post around the BAFW. And who better to get in the Halloween mood that super hot, yet super quirky, Olivia Munn. The AOTS co-host is being featured in Complex's (again) October issue, and they've decked her out in a variety of costumes for your perusal. You've got your Chun-Li action from Street Fighter. They also put her in an In-n-Out uniform if you're into hamburgers. Fans of literature will drool over the "sexy librarian". And, for the animal lovers (and lovers of chicks in animal costumes), Olivia dons a bunny outfit. There's also a video of this over at Complex's video site if you want to see her getting in and out of her costumes. Anyway, here are more pics from the photoshoot with the aformentioned outfits.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

John McCain will Cunt Rates?

This is a quick 3 second video, but that's pretty much all you need to see John McCain inadvertently replacing the word "cut" with the word "cunt" during a speech. Sure, he corrects himself, but you can't take it back. It's forever saved for mankind to watch and re-watch. Oh John McCain, you're such a maverick.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Watchmen Footage from Spyke Awards Show

I knew there was a reason that Spyke was a cable network. This is one of the best things they've aired, and it's not even a show. "Watchmen", Zack Snyder's adaptation of the DC Comics classic, is not due for release until 2009, which isn't that far away in the context that this year is almost over. But after watching this new footage, it feels like a lot longer. The movie looks fantastic.

Economic Turmoil? Get Portman & Jones on the Job

See more Natalie Portman videos at Funny or Die

In these tough economic times, you have to get a couple of Harvard grads to get you through it. It doesn't hurt that they're also hot. Natalie Portman and Rashida Jones might just have a radical plan to cure this economic crisis, but at least they have a plan. A plan that I can get behind. Because seriously; puppies? How could that not solve everything?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Marky Mark vs Comedy

Oh, Mark Wahlberg. Seriously? Andy Samberg does an impersonation of you on a show (I know it wasn't that funny, SNL hasn't been funny for years now) and you want to slap the kid on his big fucking nose? Come on. Just take it in stride, promote your "Max Payne" movie, and don't pout when people poke fun at you on TV. Do you know why they do that? Because you're fucking rich and famous. It comes with the territory.

Oh, and say hi to your mother for me.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Musically Inclined Mondays - Matt & Kim

Matt & Kim are a couple that makes fun music. Which is just what my life needs right around now. Too much work and no play make Jaime a dull . . . something something something. But, I just put on this song and all that dullness melts away. If you want a copy of this, just head out to this Mountain Dew website. Why? I don't know. But they have the song available for download.

You can also get it below, while my bandwidth holds. Which shouldn't be long.

Daylight - Matt & Kim

Katy Perry vs Cake

Not sure if anyone let Katy Perry know that jumping into a cake wouldn't be the best idea ever. It's clearly evidenced by her continuous attempts not to fall down after already taking quite the hard dive to the ground. That first slip looked like it hurt. What have we learned Katy Perry? First, that kissed a girl song needs to stop being sung. Second, cakes are for eating. And third, Mariachi's will never help you get up off the floor. Specially fake ones.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hayden Panettiere Gets Political

See more Hayden Panettiere videos at Funny or Die

It's refreshing to see young people getting involved in the election. Raising awareness is they key to change. And making it funny while they're doing it certainly helps get the message out. Now, I'm pretty sure that Hayden doesn't really want John McCain in the White House. Or she really might? I don't know who she's voting for. But in any case, here's the video of her "endorsement" of McCain.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hustler gets Political

Being that we're less than a month away from the next Presidential election, it doesn't strike me at all odd that "Hustler" would put out a politically themed porno with pretty much the only candidate that is ripe for spoofing at this time. That candidate, if you couldn't tell from the actress they picked to portray her, is Sarah Palin. The aptly named "Nailin' Paylin" (I guess they had to change her last name just a little bit) will most likely feature what could possibly be our next Vice President taking care of foreign affairs with a can-do attitude and possibly some man-juice on her face. That's what pornos are like, right? I wouldn't know. I've never seen one . . . . teehee. More pictures below. The NSFW ones are thumbnails you can click to make larger. If I upload them onto Photobucket, they tend to get all mad at me and delete them.




Monday, October 13, 2008

New Britney Spears Video - Featuring Nudity?

Yep. And you don't even have to wait until halfway through the video to catch a glimpse of a naked Britney Spears. It pretty much happens right as the video starts. Sure, you can't actually see any of her naughty bits. It's not that kind of video. I'm sure Adnan Ghalib will be selling the alleged sex tape soon though. He's got to wait until Britney's comeback is complete if he wants to make any money off of this. This video for "Womanizer" should help do the trick. It's not a good song. But Britney is looking like her old self again, and the gossip shows will be eating this up like flies eat shit over the next few days.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Meet Heff's New Twin Girlfriends

I had been hearing rumors that Hugh Heffner's girlfriends had been abandoning him lately for younger, and possibly more virile, men. I'm pretty sure he was down to one girlfriend, and it wasn't the hot one. So, what do you do to fill the void. Well, for starters, you up your boner pill prescription. Then, you get twin girlfriends to round out your harem back up to three pieces of tap'able tail. This is where Kristina and Karissa Shannon come in to play. I'm guessing they're Playboy Bunnies. I've never heard of them. But this should make Heff's show about his girlfriends "The Girls Next Door" a little more interesting. A tad on the creepy side, but still interesting. Anyway, here's a couple more pictures of the ladies, and even a nude picture! Not hosted on Photobucket, so it should stick around for a while. We'll see.

I know it's a thumbnail. That's the way they want it, I ain't gonna rock the boat with this new service too much. But you can click on it to make it bigger in a new screen.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Amy Winehouse Wanted by Scientologists

It would appear that Scientologists are currently courting Amy Winehouse to join their "religion". In my own personal opinion, I would not recommend Scientology to anyone . . . but in this case, they can have Amy Winehouse. I mean, look at that crack whore. That ain't getting any better any time soon. So, fine, take her away on your space Boeing 747's piloted by John Travolta. This is what "The Daily Mirror" had to say about it:
One of Amy’s inner circle tells me: “She had a call from the celebrity branch of the Church Of Scientology. She thinks they got her number through one of the American music producers who worked on her Back to Black album. They told her they wanted to help her beat drugs and could tailor-make a programme so she wouldn’t have to go to a residential centre. She liked that idea because her husband Blake is out of prison soon and wouldn’t want to be away from him when he’s finally freed.”
I don't care if the residential center is on the surface of the moon. The sooner I stop seeing pictures like these, the better.

Arghh! Winehouse SMASH!!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Jessica Alba Muzzles Hayden Panettiere - Not as Sexy as I thought It Would Be

Alright already, sheesh Jessica Alba, I get that the election coming up is important, but this 3 minute fake infomercial about "The Muzzler 2008" is a little on the heavy handed side. I mean, I get satire and all, but how dare you make muzzling Hayden Panettiere anything but sexy. It almost turned me off voting all together. Actually, that's pretty much my only request for this election. Make it sexy. Get to work Jessica Alba.

Friday, October 03, 2008


So, I need a new way to host pictures. The anti-cool Nazis over at Photobucket decided to raid my account and got rid of a ton of sweet ass pictures (not pictures of sweet asses, but who knows, there might have been as well) that were residing in that account. It's basically 5 pages worth of the above on that account, and I'm kind of getting tired of this. So . . . anyone know what I can do to avoid this? I'm open to ideas.

Except for "stop posting pictures of nipslips/cameltoes/upskirts" because that's just preposterous. Come on.

Everyone Gets Political

So, don't vote? Or is this Sarcasm . . . . Reverse psychology? But then they start to tell you to vote if you care about stuff . . . I'm confused, is that still reverse psychology again? I don't know what these fucking celebrities want me to do! Can I vote to shut them up? I'll find out next month.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hybrids Get Badass

Looks like Honda and Toyota will be running with their tail-pipes between their legs (or wheels, since cars don't have legs) when this fucking awesome Lamborghini "Estoque" hits the auto markets in the near future. Yes, that's a Lamborghini. Wouldn't you rather drive that instead of a Prius? I know I would. Price point on this car is currently speculated at around $200,000 . . . but come on, saving the world ain't cheap. Wired has all the specs over at their blog network. I could go back there and re-post it here, but I'm too busy drooling over this automotive piece of art. Check it out and start saving some money.

Jessica Alba Gets Political

I'm not sure who Jessica Alba is trying to appeal to with this politically inclined advertisement. Is she trying to fight the Hannibal Lecter anti-cannibal masks Washington lobbyists? Or, is she trying to say that if we don't vote, we might as well get used to not eating people. I don't know. But as a new citizen of this country, I registered on the first day. So I'm voting this November 4th. That way, no one will be strapping that onto my face anytime soon. Thank you Jessica Alba. For raising our awareness. Now . . . where's that strip of human jerky I was munching on . . . .

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Audrina Patridge Promotes The Only Way She Knows How

Audrina Patridge is really milking her "The Hills" 15 minutes of fame lately. The "reality" star was hired to host a party to promote Bombay Sapphire gin, and of course, she did the only thing she knows to get attention: displaying those fake breasts of hers in a revealing swimsuit. Which, I have to say, is actually rather effective. It's not even 9:30 AM, and I feel like I need a drink. Maybe even some Bombay Sapphire. Oh man, those marketing bastards are geniuses!! Hate to delve into politics right now, but if this is working for Bombay Sapphire, maybe the Democratic Party could hire Audrina Patridge to promote Barack Obama. Just think about it . . . they could lock in the horn-dog votes. Just put her in a red white and blue bikini with Obama's name on the top part and voila! Change just happened. More pictures of Audrina's smart-vertising prowess below.

Jennifer Aniston - Bikini Cleavage & Cameltoe

I can say, with 100% assurance, that I've never really been into Jennifer Aniston. Not even when she was younger and less man-faced looking. She's just never done it for me. That's not to say that she doesn't have a huge following outside of BAFW. That's pretty much the main reason I'm posting this up. It's not for me. It's for you. So enjoy this little gift. Consider it an early Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanza present for you. I do have to say that she's being rather generous in what she's showing lately. For a broad that's not a spring chicken anymore, she does take care of her body rather well. Below are pictures of her displaying (rather unsuspectingly) her cleavage and a pretty well defined camel toe.

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