Tuesday, September 30, 2008

End of Month Wrap Up (Search Terms and Excuses)

As you can plainly see, volume for September in the posting department of BAFW is at an all time low. Sixteen posts was all I could muster over the course of this month, which is just about once every other day. It's appalling. Compared to last year, it's down from 28 posts, and the year before (2006) where I managed to post something at least once a day (30 posts that month). So . . . what happened? Work. It's been a tough month in the work front for me. It's like I'm working harder now to meet the same goals I was meeting rather easily a couple of months ago. I work way more overtime now than I ever have in my entire life. Sure, this translates to more money in my pocket (and Uncle Sam's).

Also, I wasted an entire Friday in downtown Los Angeles last week becoming a citizen of the United States of America. I had been a legal resident for some time now, but I was time to go full blown American. They even played a Toby Keith song during the ceremony. It took all of my composure (which was pretty thin at the time after 11 hours of no food/water due to ill preparation on my part) to not hurl on the ex-Mexicans next to me.

But September is over. It can't possibly be any more dismal for BAFW this coming October. I even have two days off (Wednesday & Thursday) and a full weekend directly after that to decompress and get my blog bearings back. You don't know how relieving it is too see this brief time off from work after not having a day off since Monday the 22nd of September. Yeah . . . I even worked this past Sunday.

So, enough about me complaining and bitching about my work and how busy I am lately. As is tradition for BAFW, the last day of the month brings the Search Terms post where I display all the very dirty and naughty things people are looking for, and ultimately don't find here. So, here's September's list. Enjoy. See you in October.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sex Drive Red Band Trailer

I've seen some advertising for this movie out and about on the interwebs, but I didn't know much about it. Until I saw the red band trailer for "Sex Drive", and now I know it looks like a hilarious fucking movie. Don't know who the two main characters are, but there are a couple of supporting cast members (I'm looking at you Seth Green and James Mardsen) that, as far as the trailer is concerned, are turning in superb performances. It's likely that this movie might go unnoticed upon it's release. Do yourself a favor and check this out.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Katy Perry See Through Candid

Katy Perry is all over your radio lately, with that extremely annoying song about kissing a girl and liking it. Great, good for you Katy Perry. So what does that have to do with this picture of her in some see-through lingerie? Not sure really. But it does make me forget about that retarded song. Wait, it's coming back . . . Argh!! Nothing can get it out of my head!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No Duh! of 2008 - Clay Aiken is Gay

It seems that People magazine is the preferred method of coming out of the closet for gay celebrities. But this one didn't even need a People magazine cover story. Who didn't already know that Clay Aiken is/was/will ever be gay. But, what I'd like to know is . . . how did he reproduce? Oh well, just one of life's mysteries I guess.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

MGMT, Spoon & Beck w/Hollywood Bowl Orchestra Strings 09/20/2008

This past Saturday, the wife and I went to The Hollywood Bowl to check out our second most anticipated concert of 2008. Our most anticipated show of 2008 actually happened last month, when we were down in San Diego, where we had the pleasure of seeing Radiohead in concert. Surprisingly enough, even though we had wanted to see Radiohead more, this concert we went to on Saturday ended up being way more enjoyable. It was a combination of better seats and great music. Let's get to the bands.

MGMT were the surprise of the night. We had picked up their album, "Oracular Spectacular" a few weeks ago and, despite having some good songs, it hadn't wowed us. Not until Saturday night that is. They had a short, half an hour set, but they fully convinced both my wife and I that these guys were fucking rock stars. Every song they played got cheers from the crowd. This band is fantastic live, and it was just a great way to kick off a great concert. Here's an MP3 download of one of our favorite MGMT tunes not called "Time to Pretend".

MGMT - Weekend Wars

Spoon was next up on the bill. I've enjoyed their music for quite some time, but I'm not up on my current Spoon releases, so most of their set, while technically and musically excellent, didn't get a whole lot of crowd participation from myself and my wife. Not to say that we didn't enjoy their set. It was longer than MGMT's, every song they played sounded great. But that's what we've come to expect from Spoon, so it was business as usual with them. Not that it's a bad thing. Here's an MP3 download of one of the songs we knew, and sang along with, at the concert.

Spoon - I Turn My Camera On

Beck came on stage for a full hour and a half, and just rocked my metaphorical pants off. He did the best thing I've ever seen him do when opening a concert . . . he started off with "Loser". That got the entire Hollywood Bowl to get up and not sit down through maybe 3/4's of his set. Even I, a staunch anti-dancing in public kinda guy, got up and fucking danced like one of the drunk motherfuckers seated next to us (will get to that in a minute). Towards the end of his set, Beck brought out the Hollywood Bowl's string orchestra, and while the tone of the concert went a little mellow after that, it still did not detract from the awesome set it was. There was an encore, which included the two turntables and a microphone song (the name eludes me right now). Here's an MP3 download of "Timebomb", one of the many fun songs Beck played during his set.

Beck - Timebomb

Concert Gripes
Unfortunately, no concert at the Hollywood Bowl is perfect. Even though we had better seats than ever, we still fell subject to people who would rather talk about their personal lives, in drunk volume (which is like turning your outside voice to 11), effectively ruining a considerable chunk of Spoon's set for us. And these people were not even supposed to be seated next to us. That's concert gripe #2. When you buy tickets, and they tell you that you need to be seated at a certain seat, stay there! I don't want 15 sluts trying to crowd my section, when I paid way more than retail for it, and ruin it with their presence and retardedly loud conversations about what their douche-bag boyfriends did to them 10 minutes ago. Fucking shit.

I did get to see a rather funny altercation between a couple of young seat poachers and their rightful owners. The people that had bought the tickets that corresponded to the seats next to us had wandered off (most likely to drink) after MGMT's set, and came back just as Beck was launching into "Loser", to find these two chicks seated in their spot. Now, the people that had been there originally were tore up by now, so even though justified, they might have gone a little overboard when trying to get back their seats. All they needed to do was get an usher and get these silly bitches evicted, but the guy (it was a couple) took it upon himself to get these broads out of his seats on his own. I heard him call the chicks "bitches" repeatedly, he did a rather inappropriate dance right in front of their faces in an effort to get his seats back, and when they finally left, after him repeatedly asking them "show me your tickets bitch!", the two girls kicked the chairs over and walked off, most likely with the guy's girlfriend's purse, because now she couldn't find it anywhere.

So, there you have it. A great show, punctuated with inevitable annoying moments that were beyond our control.

Next month we're going to class it up and spend a night with a philharmonic orchestra. I need to dust off my blazer. I hear only fancy attire is allowed.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm Wanted

You know, sometimes it's nice being wanted by something/someone. But when you're already part of something, and they keep wanting you, it gets a little annoying. What exactly am I talking about? Car insurance. You see, my wife and I had our own individual auto policies . . . but when she got her new car, we decided to merge our insurances to save money over all. So, I did away with my own personal policy and piggy-backed onto hers. My pretty spotless driving record (just as of late) would offset her not-so-great record. For the first couple of months, everything was going alright. And then, I started getting stuff in the mail from AIS, our insurance broker.

At first I thought it might be just a glitch in their system. They just probably hadn't noticed that I was with my wife's AIS brokered Mercury Insurance policy. But I keep getting things in the mail from them, 2 years after we did this, begging me to get back with them. Usually, I just discard it, but then they started e-mailing me. Here's their latest effort.
AIS Wants You Back!

You were previously insured with Auto Insurance Specialists and We Want You Back!

I’m Sam from AIS and I have been assigned to work on your account.
I will help you find a low price on insurance with coverage that is best for you. Please call me directly at 800-8xx-xxxx / ext. xxxx, M-F from 9am-6pm.

Please contact me via phone or email me (Sam@xxx) with a convenient time and I'll call you. I look forward to working with you.

Sam Axxxxx
10 years of service with AIS
I thought this time, I would respond to them. Here's my e-mail response to good ol' helpful Sam.
Seriously? No way. 'Cause I totally already have a policy thru AIS with Mercury Insurance with my wife. You're telling me that you can beat your own low prices? Outstanding!

But on a more serious note, these repeated e-mails and mail notifications to get back with your company when I'm already with your company shows poor communication between your departments. This is totally making me rethink my relationship with AIS and Mercury insurance.

Jaime P.
Current Customer
Stop contacting me.
I haven't heard back from Sam yet. Hopefully I won't ever. And they'll leave me the fuck alone.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Obama's Mama is a Whatta?

The honorable James David Manning is a preacher from Harlem who really really really loves Obama. Oh, wait, he's anti-Obama. Maybe that's why he keeps going on and on about Obama's mama. This video is pure comedy gold. And it's funny because this guy is 100% serious. This video has it all. Religious nuttery, politics, unwed-pregnant-underage girls and some anti-media rhetoric that is spouted with un-righteous indignation. Don't you dare disagree with James David Manning. He gets his info from his mama, and if you disagree with it, you'll have to take it up with his mama, and if she's anything like him, you're probably going to lose the argument.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lindsay Lohan Gets Political (with Sideboob!)

So, sideboob-prone and upskirt beleaguered Lindsay Lohan can form opinions? And they pertain to the current political climate of the country? Stranger things have happened. I skimmed through most of this, but what it boils down to is this: Sarah Palin bad. Everyone in the entertainment industry seems to be giving this Palin woman the business right now. Last week it was Matt Damon, now Lindsay Lohan. Check out her rambling post from her blog:
I really cannot bite my tongue anymore when it comes to Sarah Palin.
I couldn't be more supportive of a woman in office, but let's face it, it comes down to the person, and their beliefs, male or female.
Is it a sin to be gay? Should it be a sin to be straight? Or to use birth control? Or to have sex before marriage? Or even to have a child out of wedlock?
I find it quite interesting that a woman who now is running to be second in command of the United States, only 4 years ago had aspirations to be a television anchor. Which is probably all she is qualified to be... Also interesting that she got her passport in 2006.. And that she is not fond of environmental protection considering she's FOR drilling for oil in some of our protected land.... Well hey, if she wants to drill for oil, she should DO IT IN HER OWN backyard. This really shows me her complete lack of real preparation to become the second most powerful person in this country.
Hmmmm-All of this gets me going-Fear, Anxiety, Concern, Disappointment, and Stress come into play...
Is our country so divided that the Republicans best hope is a narrow minded, media obsessed homophobe?
I know that the most important thing about this election is that people need to exercise their right to vote, regardless of their choice... I would have liked to have remained impartial, however I am afraid that the "lipstick on a pig" comments will overshadow the issues and the fact that I believe Barack Obama is the best choice, in this election, for president...
Palin's Desire to "save and convert the gays"-really??
I feel it's necessary for me to clarify that I am not against Sarah Palin as a mother or woman.
Women have come a long way in the fight to have the choice over what we do with our bodies... And its frightening to see that a woman in 2008 would negate all of that.
Oh, and...Hint Hint Pali Pal- Don't pose for anymore tabloid covers, you're not a celebrity, you're running for office to represent our, your, my COUNTRY!
And in the words of Pamela Anderson, "She can suck it"..
Lindsay- "I have faith that this country will be all that it can be with the proper guidance. I really hope that all of you make your decisions based on the facts and what feels right to you in your heart-vote for obama!"
Samantha- "I love this country- however i wasn't born here and don't have the right to vote- so i beg of you all to really do your research and be educated when you cast your vote this coming november.... and if you're in doubt- vote for obama! Mainly because if she gets elected my green card probably won't get renewed!!!"
So, Samantha Ronson is not a citizen? Can't we just kick her (allegedly) out so that Lindsay can get over this "relationship" they have? Not that I have anything against "the gays", but these two just rub me the wrong way.

Lohan's political commentary is so titillating.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Megan Fox Bikini Pics from GQ

I'm sure you've seen the Megan Fox lingerie pics from Maxim, but those were recycled old pictures from like 3 years ago. These, on the other hand, are brand new. Thanks GQ. Which is why I hadn't bothered to post the Maxim spread. But, it can be argued that old Megan Fox and new Megan Fox pictures still feature Megan Fox, so it's all good . . . . right? Wrong. I don't like to dwell in the past. I live in the now. And these new pictures, as you will see in a few seconds, are far superior. Just look at her, she's got a cherry in her mouth. Sexual innuendos anyone? She does tend to overuse her mouth in these pictures, but you can't hold that against her. I mean, would you? Hot chick that has an oral fixation? There's no way that's a negative in my book. Anyway, enjoy the rest of the pics.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Matt Damon Gets Political

I don't usually get into politics around here. I find that stuff to be boring. Which is why I haven't said much at all about the Republican Vice-Presidential pick, Sarah Palin. That is, until I saw this video of Matt Damon voicing his fears of a possible Palin presidency. And boy does Damon come off as sounding a little on the Chauvinistic side. But, are his concerns justified? Should we be afraid of John McCain's probable passing while in office if he gets elected president? I don't know. But here's Damon making his point. And I'm pretty sure he'll be voting Obama this year.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jessica Simpson Upskirts Good Morning America

Jessica Simpson performed some new tracks from her country music album on Good Morning America, and I guess the only way she knows how to sell records is the good ol' fashioned way. By showing some ass. At least that's how I sell my country music albums. She also decided to goof it up by sticking her tongue out like a slack-jawed country bumpkin. She must be trying to connect to the intended demographic. In the picture below, it's really not clear whether Jessica is wearing underwear or not. I'll let you folks decide on that one. My own personal hypothesis is that her manager/father/ex-preacher made sure something like this would happen. Therefore, I think that's all bare ass. But hey, don't be swayed by my scientific findings. It's a free world. Make your own decisions.

Hey look ya'lls, I can be lady-like too!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Quantum Of Solace Theatrical Trailer

"Casino Royale" was a pretty OK Bond flick. A lot of people were unsure if Daniel Craig could pull of the James Bond character. For me, personally, he brings something different to the table, while keeping the spirit of the previous Bonds intact. Which is why I'm looking forward to checking the new movie out when it is released this coming November. The new trailer has tons of action, which means the movie will as well. Unless they've managed to cram all the good parts into the 2:28 running time of this trailer. That would be bad. I'll just have to find out when the movie comes out.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Akon Loves His Fans

http://view.break.com/566370 - Watch more free videos

Why do people keep attending Akon concerts? He's already going to trial for throwing a kid off stage, now this? This time he's knocking chicks off stage with swift backhands action. Akon tickets should come with some sort of a disclaimer. Or his fans should just wear protective gear. Either way, the guys a total douchebag.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Olivia Munn Bikini Pictures

I know it's been a little light around here as far as posting goes this month. Hopefully, these Olivia Munn bikini pictures will make up for my lack of content this month. These pictures were taken in Japan, which means Olivia and the rest of the AOTS crew are out filming some sort of Japanese themed special. Maybe there's some sort of convention out there. They're always going to Japan. How come I never get to go to Japan? I want to buy used panties from a vending machine too! Oh well, here's another picture.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Match Made in WTF!

It is being reported that Pamela Anderson is dating Michael Jackson. I know. I'm confused too. The UK Mirror has the lowdown:
They were very chatty. Pamela was being her usual flirty self and Michael seemed to be responding. They are such a strange couple but they seemed to really hit it off."
So much so Michael plucked up the courage to ask Pammy out on a second date. And she was more than happy to accept.
We're told: "They went for a coffee at Country Mart in Malibu and looked very comfortable with each other. They chatted about Michael turning 50, his new album, their kids. And he seemed genuinely interested in Pamela."
I'm not quite sure what to make of this. And Michael Jackson is turning 50?! Holy crap. I wonder how many young boys he wants for his birthday.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Kevin Spacey Doesn't Discriminate

It would seem that, when it comes to grabbing a handfull of ass, Kevin Spacey doesn't discriminate. He's showing in the picture above some impressive man-ass-handling skills. Didn't know he would be into that. Not that there's anything wrong with it. I'm just saying the man probably needs some sort of medal. You know, for not discriminating. The guy should be holding a spot right next to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. . . . or at least his ass.
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