Thursday, November 30, 2006


I'm not a big fan of the first "Fantastic Four" movie. I thought it was crap. Sure, it was better than "Daredevil" and "Punisher" combined, but is that something you really want to be proud of? So, as I look at this picture from the upcoming "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer" movie showing the Fantasticar, I can't help but feel just a little bit of the "who cares". I mean, sure, it looks cool . . . and seats three apparently. Poor Ben Grimm. Looks like he's going to have to walk to the fight scenes. But, no matter how cool this thing looks, it's most likely going to end up surrounded by so much crap, bad acting, and a story that makes absolutely no sense what-so-ever, that it's not going to justify the price of the ticket. And don't tell me that Jessica Alba is worth the price. Look at her costume. Sure, it's skin tight, but also covers up 90% of her body.

Danish Speed Traps

Wow, those friggin Danishes (?) have done the unthinkable. Well, maybe the unfathomable. Ok, just outside of my wildest dreams. It looks like they have recruited a bevy of topless "bikini" speeding enforcers to help cut down on the rampant speeding that the people of Denmark are so fond of. Now, this video might just be a joke. I mean, one of the officials goes by the hilariously subtle name of "Bent Koch Hansen". So, while this might not be entirely true . . . I does make you wonder if this type of stuff would happen. In a perfect world. *sigh*

Search Terms - The Keywords to my Success

I wish. While these keywords attract perverts like flies to rotting pork, it still does not make me enough money. But, I continue to do it. Why? I have a soft spot for pervos. Don't get any funny ideas though. That soft spot is nowhere near my crotch. So yeah, here's this week's list.

hermaphrodite ciera - Google Search
"Katharine McPhee"+"butt" - Google Search (I didn't know my readers were into math)
pictures of emma watson in her underwear - MSN Search
gymnast pees - Google Search
jessica alba ass - AltaVista Search
french gymnast peeing - Google Search (what happened to the German delegation?)
"katherine mcphee" juggs - Google Search (what about her liquid-carrying containers?)
portman schoolgirl pic vendetta - Google Search
basic instinct spread legs - Yahoo Search (now you want to see the movie spread its legs?)
lindsay lohan crotch slip - Google Search
katherine mcphee panties - Google Search
Lohan panty-less - Google Search (isn't that just a regular Tuesday?)
britney picking a wedgie - Google Search (was that wedgie on a donut?)
emma watson nip slip - Google Search
howard stern show tina fey transcript - Google Search
peter wentz underwear - Google Search
"linsey lohan" and peek - Yahoo Search
clipping of crossing/uncrossing legs scene of Basic Instinct - Yahoo Search IN
Lindsay Lohan Crotch Shot - Google Search
upskirt pantyless - Google Search
Morgan Webb FHM - Google Search
Mary Louise Parker - BlogSearch
fergie nip slip upskirt - Google Search (the upskirt was the nipslip?)
Katherine McPhee Nude Pics - Yahoo Search
slither nip slip - Google Search
Lindsay lohan's beaver kids choice awards - Google Search (I'm betting it wasn't one of the Angry Beavers)
"Black NASCAR Racer" - Google Search
"linsey lohan" underwear - Google Search (I don't think she owns any)
lindsay lohan nickelodeon - Google Search
"jenny Pee" - Google Search DE
kimberly stewart upskirt - Google Search
bianca gascoigne no pants - Google Search (I'm sure she owns at least a pair)
meryll palmer myspace - Google Search (who?)
reguera see-through - Google Search PR (she's transparent?)
nip slip video - Google Search
videoblog+hot+upskirt - BlogSearch FR
Ana de la Reguera oops - Google Search (and clumsy?)
crotch wmv - BlogSearch
tina fey transcript - Google Search
Pete wentz Cock pictures - Netscape Search
figure skating wedgies pictures - Google Search
britney upskirt pictures - BlogSearch DE (mother of the year)
linsy lohan no underwear picture - Earthlink Search (even the pictures of Lohan are not wearing underwear)
britney spears panty shots - BlogSearch (they go along with the vodka shots she does)
panty paparazzi photos britney crotch - Google Search
rachel bilson "the last kiss" mpg - Google Search
www.totally britney spears pussy shots - Yahoo Search ES (the Spanish get really specific with their searches)
katherine McPhee's sexy stomach - AOL Search (bulimia = sexy abs)
turrets guy video clips - Google Search
britney upskirt picture getting out car - Google Search
uk nip slip - Google Search UK (does that come with a side of fish and chips?)
fergie nipple slips oops shots panty photos - WOW Search (the only wow here is that someone actually wants to see that)
Havoc ann mpeg - Google Search JP
britney spears nude photos apparently panty-less crotch to the paparazzi - Yahoo Search
Search Britney's crotch shots - Google Search (what're you going to find in there anyway?)
britney's crotch shot exposed - Google Search
eva green - BlogSearch
google britney crotch shots - Google Search
"Underworld Evolution sex Scene" - Google Search
lineage2 Hentai - Naver Search
hot emma watson pictures slip - Google Search
spears upskirt car no underwear - Google Search
bianca gascoigne wardrobe malfunction - Google Search UK (I think that wardrobe was functioning pretty well if you ask me)
arabic sex blogurl: - BlogSearch
fergie's crotch shots - Google Search
spears labia - Google Search (more like people want to run a spear through her labia . . . a flesh spear)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ultimate Food Fighters - Matt & Kim "Yeah Yeah"

I just recently heard this song on MP3 as I was pirating around the internet, trolling for new talent to keep my brain engaged while I answer e-mail from retarded customers. So, naturally, when I came across the video for it, I thought . . . "cool, I love this song". While it might not be as well choreographed as that OK Go video from a couple of months, this one feels a little more on the fun side. I mean, where do you have a band get pelted with various food items for half of the video, only to follow that up with them getting body slammed by people in food costumes. I specially liked it when the chick gets body-checked by the giant banana . . . because it reminds me of how my giant banana body-checks my wife every night. Hey, I can't help it. It just flops over and smacks her all over the place. That's not spousal abuse . . . it's love baby.

HDH - Eva Green

Bond girls are hot. Hump'ably hot. This is why Eva Green is this week's "Hump Day Hottie". This actress is not all that well known here in the states, but if you have seen Bertolucci's "The Dreamers", you would already be a fan of her. Reason: She's not afraid to do nudity. And that is, after all, the mark of a great actress. Of course, if that actress is Kathy Bates, then you have to do anything possible to keep her clothed, but Eva Green can get away with it. Mainly because she looks the way that she looks. Too bad the newest Bond movie has been getting slaughtered by the CG Penguin movie. People should check that movie out more. If not for the action, then for the sexiness that just oozes out of this chick. One more picture below.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Upskirt City - Britney Spears *Now with more Labia!*

I really don't know what is going through Britney Spears's mind (or whatever is filling the space inside her cranium), but she really has to start thinking about wearing some underwear. It's just a thought. I mean, specially when she's getting out of cars. She must be in some sort of competition with Lindsay Lohan to be the celebrity that flashes her vagina the most possible without the aid of night-vision lenses. I'm thinking the culprit of this whole Spears "Labia-gate" is her new BFF Paris Hilton. You can see her on the picture below (along with Spears's vag'). Or maybe it's the Underpants Gnomes. Who knows. All I know is that enough is enough.

Although, I have to say, it is nice to see that everything seems to be clean down there. From this angle at least. Can't verify the cleanliness of either her chocolate starfish or her t'ain't. And frankly, that air of mystery is something I want to keep.

TugMO - Blowing Beats Kissing

Wow, this is an interesting video. No sound, but who needs that. Just keep telling yourself it will ruin your concentration. Concentration for what? Ha, you keep that to yourself buddy. I found this over at good ol' YouTube marked down as "Beach Babe Blowjob" and, even though it is deceptively named . . . it doesn't make it any less sexy. I have to say, I do prefer this kind of subtle, unknowingly erotic type of video than something that is overtly, and obviously supposed to entice erections. This is kind of like watching a college volleyball match or the state cheerleading finals on one of those cable channels you never knew you had. Which, gives me an idea. A cable network entirely dedicated to girls, in bikinis, inflating things. Either with good ol' fashioned lips and blowing . . . or with stiff, and hard to work air-pumps that make thier jubblies jiggle. That's something I'd TiVo for sure.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Upskirt City - Britney Spears

Oh dear . . . I think I actually miss "Cheetoh-inhaling Britney Spears" rather than "Partying-like-a-whore Britney Spears". I mean, she's had two children in the span of less than 2 years. That vagina must be stretched out beyond anything one could imagine. No matter how much a body can recover, she must be able to pass a watermelon through that without even giving it a thought. And I'm not talking one of those tiny watermelons everyone loves these days. I'm talking a huge 20 pounder. It seems that ever since Britney Spears broke up with Kevin Federline, she's embraced her inner whore. Last week it was a panty-shot. This week, it's a fully shaven vag' picture. What's next? She bends over, her pants drop (if she's even wearing them), and we catch a glimpse of anal beads dangling from her poop-chute? Where do you draw the line Spears!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Momentary Stupidity

We all have those moments when we're not as smart as we should be. Just recently, while my wife and I were listening to some MP3 tracks I had downloaded, she turns to me and asks:
"Which one is Chi-town? Is that Detroit?"
I was a bit dumb-founded by her question. How did she get Detroit from Chi-town? I told her it was actually Chicago, and then she immediately realized what she had done. It's this self-realization that can humble one more than taunts or ridicule, so I left it at that.

I am personally not immune to this phenomena (although, since my brain IS superior to most, not as often). Just this week, I was headed to the restroom at work which you need a key to access. I dipped into my jeans pocket and pulled out my keyring. Then, I grabbed my keyless entry remote for my car, paused, and clicked on the unlock button. I totally expected the door to the bathroom to open up. A split second later, I realized what I had done and hurriedly selected the bathroom key and slipped into the restroom . . . hopefully un-noticed.

Anyone else suffer from this?

Search Terms - Triptophan-Delayed

I wasn't at work or at home for much of Thursday (while I was conscious at least), so I didn't have time to put this up. But, since I'm at work, and well into minute 19 of my first 15 minute break, I thought I'd post up the weekly Search Term post. New and improved with clever (eh, kinda) witticisms provided by yours truly. In case you're having problems finding these, go take a ride in a short bus (hint - the italicized phrases are mine).

natalie portman butt scene professionals - Google Search (wasn't she 12 when that was filmed?)
heather las vegas dance - BlogSearch
pirates of the caribbean keira knightley hard nipple - Google Search (just one huh?)
Emma Watson nip slip - Google Search
gymnast crotch pictures - Google Search
"anna farris oops" - Google Search
ciera transvestite - Google Search
french gymnast peeing - Google Search
upskirts blogspots - Google Search CA
playgirl magazine photos - BlogSearch
nip slip while sleeping - Google Search
Emma Watson's wardrobe malfunction, picture - Google Search
Ana-L lost - Google Search
Ciera hermaphrodite - Google Search
jessica alba ass - AltaVista Search
Blogs are for wusses - MSN Search UK (cheerio mates!)
mischa barton upskirt - Yahoo Search
Morgan Webb's Legs - Google Search (I hear she's got two of them)
"ashanti thunder" - Google Search CA
emma watson panty shots - Google Search
girls fight - Google Search DE
cortana nude - Google Search (BAFW loves sexy, uninhibited AI constructs)
daniel radcliffe hairy nipples - Google Search (They don't call him "Shaggy Radcliffe" for nothing)
hermaphrodite ciera - Google Search
Lindsay Morgan Lohan underwear - Google Search KR
"Mary-Louise Parker" - BlogSearch
hot emma watson exposed - Google Search IN
morgan webb fhm - Google Search CA
cortana hentai - Google Search
emma watson's feet - Google Search (someone should add "smelly" to this search)
courtney love - BlogSearch
pete wentz cock pictures - Google Search
song aerie CW - Google Search (like, OMG!)
Lindsay Lohan's behind bared - Google Search (I wish it had been beared . . as in mauled by a bear)
revealing pictures of emma watson - Google Search
cortana erotic - Google Search
emma watson butt - Google Search UK
Sharon Stone crossing her legs-photo - Google Search
drunken upskirt - BlogSearch UK
Hentai Cortana galleries - Google Search
katherine mcphee oops - Google Search
"car no underwear" - Google Search (Car bra's are expensive. Not everyone can afford them. Don't judge.)
transcript of tina fey on howard stern - Google Search
Hentai - BlogSearch
tina fey legs - Google Search (Again . . .I hear she's got two of them)
Katharine McPhee nipple - Google Search CH
EMMA WATCON - Google Search GR (wtf?? Watcon? LOL)
lost "long con" recap - BlogSearch
"emma watson" socks panties - Google Search
"kimberly stewart" upskirt - Google Search UK
triplekiss emma watson - Google Search (Hopefully with Voldermort and Dumbledore . . . and they're all speaking in Dutch. And there's a donkey present. *drools*)
rachel bilson peed - Google Search (Everyone does it)
Halo+Cortana Sexy Pictures - Google Search
keira knightley "bra size" - Google Search (is there a negative cup size)
"fashion house" screencaps - Google Search
boob blogurl - BlogSearch
emma watson wardrobe malfunction - Google Search UK
morgan webb oops - Google Search
morgan webb nip slip - Google Search
"kimberly stewart nude" - Google Search
Penelope Cruz - BlogSearch
nude little schoolgirls - WebCrawler Search (The "nude ginormous schoolgirls" genre is not as popular. Go figure.)
nude "Rhada mitchell" - Google Search DE

Girl Fight Fridays - Turkey-Free Edition

I was, actually, looking for chick fights that were happening around a Thanksgiving dinner, or maybe involved some turkey legs being used as weapons. But, alas, that was not to be. Instead, I found this little fight which starts off with a little spitting and beer dousing, and escalates to some pushing and pulling of hair. The one sweet hit that ends the fight, of course, doesn't happen until the end, but it does make up for the couple of minutes when the two chicks just tug at each other's upper garments. I think the one that got punched might have actually been crying.

The Shift of the Damned

Yes, I am working, the Friday after Thanksgiving. Sure, it's double-time work, so I'm getting paid 16 hours worth of pay for 8 hours of work, but right now, I'm feeling like I might be a masochist. I should be in a triptopham induced coma right now, or, if I were crazy enough, shopping. But no, us little people that need to make a living have to work today. Heather had it pretty bad though. Since getting a job at a major, nationwide electronics retailer, the Black Friday histeria has hit her across the back like a bat. She had to be at work at 4:30 AM to get ready for the doors to open at 5 AM. Yeah, in the fucking morning.

And you would not have believed the line (that is, if you weren't this morning in line) that was present when I dropped her off at 4:15 AM. Easily 300+ people. The line had started to form yesterday, at 2:30 PM, so these people had bypassed the copius consumption of fowl meat and candied yams so that they could save . . . what . . . 100 bucks off a digi-cam? Almost 15 hours of waiting in the biting November cold is not worth that to me. Specially, since the weather just did a u-turn and instead of close to 90 degree weather, the temps have dipped at least 20 degrees in the last 2 days. So, those people were most likely enduring temps in the 40's overnight. It was 50 degrees in the morning when I headed to work, and that was at 7:45 AM.

So, yeah, back to my current plight. There's a few of us here, who are sacrificing their 4 day weekends for extra cash, and we are facing a mountain of e-mail from Wednesday and Thursday . . . and today. What the fuck are all of our customers thinking? Can't they just back away from their computers and give us a friggin break. And I just heard the phone go off, so that means that we're also taking calls. Fan-fucking-tastic. I'm not answering my phone. Screw them. I was told that this would only entail responding to e-mail. I'm not losing my sanity because morons can't work their computers right.

Anyway, here I am, sleepy as shit, and wishing that I could either be in bed, or playing Gears of War (awesome). I guess that's what I have to look forward to tomorrow, since Heather will be working another 8 hour shift, fending off consumer-zombies seeking new and inventive ways to deplete their wallets and pocketbooks.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

HDH - Penelope Cruz

I've never really liked Penelope Cruz. Until now that is. I don't know why my I previously had nothing but disdain for the Spanish actress. Maybe it's because her face (at the time) looked extremely chihuahua'ish to me. Or maybe because a certain Tom Cruise pretended to actually be sexually involved with her. The taint of Scientology is deep. But, looking at these pictures from the Pirelli calendar has changed my mind. She looks pretty good in these. And pretty naked, yet tastefully covered. I also like the B&W photos, since it makes everything look so artistic and high-brow (I mean, look at Courtney Love's recent pictures). So, this is why Penelope Cruz is the "Hump Day Hottie" this week. One more picture below.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

TuGMO - Liquid Courage

Mike's Hard Lemonade (or tea, or whatever pussy beer these chicks are drinking) finally comes in handy as these chicks, who look like they're still in high school, start kissing anything with lips. There's a triple kiss (which should be counted as a quadruple kiss since the guy that imposes himself on it is huge), some underage boob-grabbing, and even some straight make-out action. And yes, this is America's future. No wonder every other country in the world is surpassing us as far as the educational level of their progeny. Our kids are too busy drinking and making out.

SPAM of the Month

I don't check my account too much, because, on the rare occassion that I get fanmail, it always goes to my other account. Which is fine. I don't care. This inbox has become a spam-repository, which can yield some really funny results from time to time. Take this e-mail for example.
Do You Want to Possess the Whole World?

Would you like to have scars after penis enlargement surgery? If you not, you should consider trying Penis Enlarge Patch. Penis Enlarge Patch will make you dick so large you will be able to park a car on it.
First of all, why would having a big penis give you the world. Lord knows I don't own anything sizeable (apart from my car . . . in 4 years) and I can barely hold my junk in my jeans. And who would actually park a car on their Jaime-like proportioned penis? I don't care how big a penis is. You just don't park cars on that stuff. Anyway, this is the "SPAM of the Month". Check back in December for (possibly) a Christmas-themed spam e-mail that I am hoping involves videos of elves gangbanging reindeer while Santa Claus practices his space-docking techniques with Mrs. Claus.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Courtney Love - Birthday Suited

Last I saw Courtney Love, she was looking very very very bad. Like, beached manatee with a bottle of rum stapled to one of its flippers bad. And now, these pictures from a British fashion magazine have surfaced, and I have to say she's not looking half bad. I mean, sure, her funbags have gotten a little on the droopy side, but that's understandable. She's no spring chicken that Courtney Love. You can head out to see more of these pictures over at Manny's Babes, a blog dedicated to, what looks like, babes. Good thing he didn't put up any pictures of Love from a couple of months ago. Otherwise, the title of that site would be pretty suspect. As is, including her in the site is not too far-fetched. One more shot, for the perverts who love their full frontal nudity.

Friday, November 17, 2006

This Message Endorsed by George W. Bush

Hmm . . . there's something off about this particular 12 second clip of our President mangling a civil rights legend's name. I mean, this ain't no "nucular" pronounciation slip up. He actually calls Dr. Martin Luther King "Dr. Meth King". Not just any kind of of King. A Meth King. Well, he was from the south . . . but I'm not sure he spent a whole lot of money on diet pills and cough/cold medicine he could cook up into some tasty, heart-beat raising methampetamines.

Oh wait, meth is not good. It's actually terrible. Fucking G-Dub. Douchebag.

Tina Fey Tells it Like it is

Here's a little excerpt (in transcript form) from an interview that happened on Howard Stern's Sirius (thanks Dr. Blogstein) sattelite radio show. It's pretty fucking great and insightful as to how the rest of celebrity-dom views Paris Hilton.

Howard Stern: What is Paris Hilton like?

Tina Fey:
She's a piece of shit. The people at SNL were like maybe she'll be fun, maybe she won't take herself so seriously. She takes herself so seriously! She's unbelievably dumb and so proud of how dumb she is. She looks like a tranny up close.

Howard Stern:
Was she bad on SNL, was she hard to deal with?

Tina Fey:
She was awful. People never come in and say "I'm not doing that." So, this guy Jim Downey wrote a really really funny sketch, it was supposed to be Lorne Michaels just finding out that she had a sex tape and telling her she couldn't host the show because SNL has standards... So she was like "I'm not doing it!" and refused to come out of her dressing room. Also, you would walk down the hall and find what just looked like nasty wads of Barbie hair on the stairs... Her hair is like a Fraggle.

Howard Stern: Did she give you ideas for sketches?

Tina Fey:
Yeah, she wanted to make fun of all the girls she hates. She was like "I want to play Jessica Simpson, I hate her." She would come in the room and say "you should do a show about Jessica Simpson because she's fat."

Howard Stern:
What was the bet you guys had going about her?

Tina Fey: The cast had a bet if she would ask anyone on the cast anything about themselves, you know like how are you? where are you from? anything. I think Seth Meyers won because at one point, she asked him if Maya Rudolf was Italian.

So, Paris Hilton is pretty much hard to work with, has the sense of humor of a freshly gutted fish (and probably smells like it between the legs as well) and has crackhead hair that falls out in clumps. I knew there was a reason I liked Tina Fey.

Girl Fight Friday - Sidewalk Stomp

Ah, it's Friday again, and what better way to kick off the weekend than seeing a couple of bitches fighting on the street. I defy you to find a better way actually. Go on, find it. You know you can't, huh. So just sit down, watch the fight, and cry yourself to sleep tonight . . . knowing that someone on the internets just punked your ass into submission.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Search Terms - Upskirts All Around

This is a short list because I neglected checking what you people were looking for this past week. I know I must have missed some gems, but here's this small snapshot of this week's searches. From the look of it, everyone's turned into an amateur voyeur and upskirts are actually highly sought after if the percentage of upskirt searches can be extrapolated over the whole week with some sort of prediction matrix computolator (sorry if I'm getting too technical). But, I don't have my Texas Instruments Scientific Calculator on me . . . so I'm going to assume (and yes, I will run the risk of making an ass out of U and Me) that it is so and call it case closed.

Now, where's my monocle.

lady blogurl - BlogSearch
emma watson anorexic - Google Search
oops Nickelodeon - Google Search PL
morgan webb fhm - Google Search
mariah carey mtv not wearing panties - Google Search MY
guys pubes - AltaVista Search IT
lindsay lohan wardrobe malfunction nickelodeon - Google Search
emma watson nip slip - Google Search UK
nipslip - AOL Search
"rachel bilson" nude "last kiss" mpeg - Google Search
emma watson upskirt - Google Search UK
rachael weiss upskirt - Google Search
lindsay lohan panty shot - Google Search
Television Snake Panties - Google Search NO
stories "clothes malfunction" - Google Search AU
cortana hentai - Google Search
basic instinct 2 wmv - Google Search
"emma watson" panty - Google Search ZA
"Emma Watson upskirt screen grabs" - Google Search CA
kimberly stewart upskirt - Google Search
kimberly stewart nude slip - MSN Search
bb sam crotch upskirts - Google Search UK
french gymnast peeing photo - Google Search
mtv nipple slips - Google Search
kimberly stewart motorcycle -
"kimberly stewart" motorcycle underwear - Google Search
cortana nude - AOL Search
video runway oops models pantyless - Google Search
sexy blogurl - BlogSearch
Olympic Nipple Slip - Google Search FR
mary louise parker - BlogSearch
katharine mcphee-nude - AOL Search
public upskirt blogspot - Google Search
Maggie Grace fake nude pics - Google Search NZ
drunk pissing - AltaVista Search
upskirt beavershot - MyWay Search
gretchen moll - Google Search
natalie portman "schoolgirl image" - Google Search
goldenshower blogspot - Google Search CA
natalie portman panties vendetta screenshot - Google Search
hermione peed her pants - Google Search
gymnast crotch photos - Google Search
hermaphrodite ciera - Google Search
split pants - AltaVista Search

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Phishing Perpetuating

Here's the latest phishing attempt I have received, through Careerbuilder mind you.

Job offer
Dear Jaime
We have found your resume at

We would like to suggest you a position of a Transfer Manager in our company.The task of the Transfer Manager is to process payments between our clients and our company via bank checks.
The job is related to remote Internet operations.
Every payment order will be accompanied with detailed instructions. It's a commission based position. We guarantee that you get 10% of each processed payment.

General requirements:
- Ability to create good administrative reporting;
- Prior customer service experience is a good benefit, but not a must;
- Willingness to work at home and take the responsibility to set up and achieve goals;
- Honesty, responsibility and promptness in operations;
- Effective interaction with customers;
- Familiarity to online work, Internet and e-mail skills;
- 3-5 hours per week

Salary: $600-$1200 per week

This job will allow you to:
- Efficiently work at home;
- Get additional extra time;
- Achieve financial independence without having tofollow the standard working day schedule (only 1-3 hours per day);
- Develop high self-respect and esteem.
- Become able to share time and money with others less fortunate than you;

Current Vacancies: 5

If you are interested in working with us, or if you need more information, you can contact me directly at my personal email address.

I'll need your full name, telephone number and mail address so I can send you the contract and other paperwork necessary to get started. I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.
If you agree with our conditions - feel free to sign the contract, send it to me and get ready to start!

If you want visit our website click here
Too good to be true? Yes, actually, I had a run in with this particular type of "work at home" scam a couple of years ago, and actually fell for it. It wasn't really detrimental to me, and it cost me 5 bucks and a lesson well learned. Basically, what they want some sucker to do is deposit a fraudulent check into their checking account. It will take 5 days or so to clear, and then you need to remove the amount (minus your "commission") and send it to them via FedEx.

I should have known better, but I was naive back in the day. This time around, I'm a little more prepared for this.

Parking Oppression

While doing my weekly "Tuesday-Wednesday" musical parking spots routine, I started thinking to myself . . . why is it that the higher-ups don't have to do this? I realize that there is a limited amount of parking available in the building that I work at, but if anyone can afford to spend $3.00 for daily parking at the lot next to the building, it would be them. They're the ones that have the big fat salaries. Why can't they concede the free in-building parking to the little man (or woman)?

Why? Because doing this would rob them of their sense of self-importance. They make the highest salaries around based on the almost oppressive business practices that they impose on us "grunts", so why should they park where everyone else parks. This would not do. And it would not please Xenu (yeah, "those people" run this business).

So what is the "Tuesday-Wednesday" shuffle all about? Since I don't make as much money (raise you say? Ha!) I can't afford to use the parking lots adjacent to the building, so I have to use street parking. Which is free, but is 2 blocks away. No biggie. The only problem is that, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the City of Glendale does street cleaning from 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM. So one side of the street is unparkable for that period of time . . . unless you want a $45 dollar ticket. On these days, since I get into work at 9:00 AM, I put 50 cents into one of the parking meters on the lots next to the building, and then at 10:00 AM, I run downstairs, hop in my car, and park in one of the freshly available parking spots.

It might not seem like much, but after a year of doing this, it starts to get a little on the tedious side. Sometimes I am fortunate enough to find a busted meter and parking is free for the day. Those times are becoming more and more sparse. And since I somehow make less and less money the longer I work for this place, I don't see myself indulging in a full day of lot parking anytime soon. *sigh* I hate working here.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

TuGMO - Rising Sun Edition

The Japanese sure do love their barely legal schoolgirls in little sailor uniforms. I don't know why. I do know that, despite these chicks not being all that, something about this scenario is mildly arousing to me. And since I have such discerning tastes, to the rest of you, it should make you salivate and reach for a tub of your favorite lubricant. It's got to be the knee-high socks. Whatever it is, enjoy the short clip.

BAFW TV Sherpa

See what I did there . . . guide replaced with Sherpa . . . man I'm clever. Anyway, here's some stuff I thought of while I was headed home, slapping myself for not including it.

Must Watch

House, M.D. - While "ER" might have the pedigree of being the "better" show and "House" might at times seem too formulaic, it still way funner than "ER" will ever be without lowering itself to "Scrubs" territory (which went from funny to sappy as quick as Zach Braff gets lead roles in romantic dramedies). Hugh Laurie is the cantankerous, vitriolic, and Vicodin-popping anti-hero we all love. Sure, he always ends up doing the right thing, but he goes about it the complete and utter wrong way. The interaction with his medical staff is classic, and even the way he treats his best friend is not only cringe-inducing . . . but side-splitting as well. I love this show.

Weeds - This Showtime comedy is one of the only "sit-coms" I'm currently watching. It's smart, it has foul language and Mary Louise Parker . . . who is definately a MILF. This show about a drug-dealing widower in suburbia left us with a bitch of a cliffhanger, with the drug-dealing mom facing several guns and her son facing the neighborhood tight-ass and a cop with a trunkfull of marijuana. It's a shame that cable shows have such short season runs.

Rescue Me - Dennis Leary is one funny motherfucker. His NYFD series on FX is consistently funny and gripping at the same time, and also left us with a bitch of a cliffhanger (I'm starting to notice a pattern here), with Tommy stuck in his girlfriend's new home while it's burning all around him. Oh yeah, did I mention he was just roofied? Plus, those firehouse guys are all hilarious.

The Office - I was in the "man this show is such a rip-off the original British version" camp for most of the first season. And rightly so. All of the first season was pretty much re-hash of what I had already seen . . . minus the Brit-accents. Now that the show has matured past the adventures of its predecessor and moved on to its own original stories, I can see it blooming into something great. Steve Carrell is funny and while the Dwight character is played a little differently than his British counterpart, he's starting to grow on me. This is the best 180 of the season. I'm hooked.

Might Miss

Dead Like Me - I used to watch this sporadically when it was originally airing on Showtime. Then, it got unceremoniously yanked and landed on SciFi, where they play reruns every week. Edited reruns of what was once a great show. You can still enjoy the diluted fun every week, and Heather does, but me . . . I'd rather watch the unfiltered show.

Six Feet Under - Another show that Heather watches in re-run form, this time on Bravo. She sure does watch a lot of stuff that plays on that channel. Top Chef, the Heidi Klum show, this . . . This has to be one of the better shows that they air . . . but it feels like old news to me. And, again, not everything comes through in the translation from HBO to Bravo. So, I pass on this, and watch it whenever there's nothing on and Heather wants to watch it. Whatev's.

Monday, November 13, 2006


I love watching television. I just get lost in intricate storylines and plot twists and I revel in it. Below, is a list (incomplete I'm sure) of television shows I'm currently enjoying. I've broken them down to Must Watch and Might Miss. I record them all on my TiVo'esque DVR recorder.

Must Watch

Battlestar Galactica - This show is hardcore. The re-envisioning of this sci-fi classic show that SciFi is putting out every Friday is superb. Everything from the characters, to the drama, to the moral issues that are brought up and the subtle parallels to what is happening in real life outside of the television show are on point. The action scenes are sparse, but that's because this show does not rely on flashy CG graphics (although they're there) to carry the weight of the show. No, this program relies on the strength of the stories being told and the ability of it's actors to pull off these scenes. Best show on the SciFi Channel. I can't believe that this is the same network that put out "Mansquito".

Lost - I know it's in hiatus until February. But damn that was on hell of a cliffhanger last week. It left me salivating for more (just like the Kate & Sawyer sex scene). Some people might complain that this show throws out too many questions and doesn't deliver on answers. I can see that. But it's all about the mystery and the feeling that if we keep watching . . . we might eventually find out the whole picture. Or we might not. And I'm totally ok with that because it's that good of a show.

Jericho - Post-apocalyptic flavor with a down-home country feel. I was a little iffy with this show after the 2nd lack-luster episode, but the show has started to pick up the pace. If you saw last week's episode, then you know that there is action. And there's this whole hidden conspiracy with the new people in town that moved in just 2 days prior to the apocalypse. This is a good show that just keeps getting better. So good indeed that it got a full order of episodes this season . . . something crap like "Justice" can't claim.

Heroes - This show has got me geeking out hardcore. Everytime I watch this show, I have a big smile on my face. It IS like a comic book on television. It's interesting, and the characters have some cool powers that are not being overexposed too soon. It's got a whole "Year One" feel that DC does so well along with Marvel'y superpowers that kick ass when you see them actually working. Plus, the "Hiro" character is a hoot. Yeah, I just said "hoot".

Medium - This show is starting up again this week, and I couldn't be happier. Not that I was anxiously awaiting its return, it's just that it won't be conflicting with "Lost" for a while, so, I can watch it. I don't know why they made the move to Wednesday. "Medium" would make a pretty great follow up for "Heroes" on Monday nights. But the peacock has got that "Studio 60" thing on there . . . which I hear is aight. This is another favorite of my wife's, who needs me to watch it with her because it scares the pants off of her. Whenever my wife's pants are scared off . . . I have to be around. Opportunity knocks, you have to answer *wink*.

Gilmore Girls - I'm still remaining faithful to this show. Not because the writing got better after that Paladino woman left (and it hasn't) but because I'm still waiting for a Rory on Lorelai lesbian incest romp. That, and the whole "Aerie Tuesdays" feature that the CW has going with American Eagle Outfitters is so unintentionally hilarious that it demands my attention every week. My wife checked out of this show this season because she claims it got stupid. It remains my "girly guilty pleasure".

CSI - Classic, great, inventive and diorama serial killer makes this one of the best seasons yet for CSI. I don't watch the Miami & New York spin-offs because . . . well, how many crime proceedurals can one watch in a week? This season there seems to be a storyline connecting all of the episodes which is a nice break from the self-contained episodes I am used to. What with the Diorama killer still on the loose and Greg's continued legal problems after he ran over one of those Fannysmackers, it just makes for good TV.

Best Week Ever/The Soup - These two shows make me laugh every week, and it's something that anyone who loves celebrity gossip should watch. The Soup feels like the more guerilla of the two, with BWE being the more polished of the two, but they both deliver great, insightful comedy.

Adult Swim - I could write individual entries for "Aqua Teen Hunger Force", "Robot Chicken", "Metalocalypse", "Squidbillies", "Frisky Dingo" and "Harvey Birdman" . . . but I'd be saying the same things over and over and over and over and over (snap out of it) again. They're all 15 minute gems that must be shown more appreciation.

America's Funniest Videos - After you get through the fact that you are watching a show hosted by Tom Bergeron, then you can begin to enjoy this collection of funny clips. I can't get enough of it. It is way better than the "Saget" years, and there's no annoying "Americast Funniest People" follow up hosted by Uncle Joey (or, as he's lovingly referred to in my heard . . . Uncle Douchey). I especially love it when I see little kids falling over and old people falling down like bowling pins. God I love watching bodily injury happening to other people.

Might Miss

The Nine - My wife likes this show, which is why we record it every week. This has that whole grand story that you learn a bit at a time, and since Lost is currently occupying that slot in my brain, I don't think I can dedicate too much time to it. Not that it's bad, it's just too much for my brain.

Nip/Tuck - This show was great last season. This season though, it all feels like too much. From incest, to babies with lobster-claw hands, to Rosie O'Donnell, to midget-love affairs . . . I checked out of this early on because I couldn't handle the ridiculousness that the show has dived into. The Scientology-based episodes were kinda funny to me, but that was about it. My wife still watches it, and we still record it, but every week, she always questions herself as to why. She must have a masochistic streak.

The Simpsons - This last weekend's episode actually made me chuckle a couple of times. This is a feat that it has not been able to do for quite some time. I don't know what happened to "The Simpsons", but 5 years ago, it was in it's hey-day. Now, it feels old and tired.

Family Guy - If you're surprised that this fan-favorite is in the "might miss" category, then you are more of a moron than I thought. The truth is, Family Guy was at it's best before its initial cancellation. Maybe it's because I was much less mature than I am now. This cartoon relies too much on pop-culture references, and while this was funny the first couple of season, much like "The Simpsons", it has gotten tiresome. It doesn't help that it's on the same night as "American Dad", a show that I absolutely hate, and pretty much does the same damn thing but with "different" characters.

That's all for now. I'll probably follow up with more BAFW TV Guide installments in the future. I'm almost positive that I have neglected some great television shows. Drop me a note in the comments section and let me know what you're watching. It might be one of the ones I watch but forgot to mention. You can be my blog-Ginko-Biloba

Gwen Stefani Video Abortion

I used to like Gwen Stefani when she was with No Doubt. Their music really defined the times, and it was fun. Gwen's solo career has left me a little confused. I mean, what's up with this song, that has yodeling solos? And the "Fergiesque"ness of the whole video just makes me want to throw up (haha, because Fergie faked bulimia to cover up her meth addiction . . . *knee slapper). This is what music should NOT sound like. Anyone who likes this is a douche. Mega-douche.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Zombified Zombie Movie Remake

A lot of people have a problem with "Day of the Dead". It's often compared (negatively) to Romero's "Dawn of the Dead" movie. I am of the opinion that the movie is pretty friggin' great. But hey, that's just my opinion right. Since remaking horror movies is the "it" thing these days, it's only natural that it was due for a remake. This time around, I'm going to side with "Dawn of the Dead" as the better of the two remakes. They both feature the new fast zombies . . . but the first of the two remakes doesn't have Nick Cannon. And while he may be high-larious, he has no business being in a zombie movie. Specially one that is a remake of one of my favorite all time movies. But, there he is, along with Mena Suvari and Ving Rhames (who was in the Dawn-remake . . . but now is a different character??). Check out the trailer below. Quicktime is needed.

Day of the Dead remake trailer

Girl Fight Friday - Skate Park Hussle

These girls are young. That's probably why they can't fight very well. There's a couple of good hits in here, specially towards the end when the heftier of the two goes into "killer windmill" mode, but that's only the last 20 seconds of the video. A third girl gets a good kick in when one of the two is in a headlock (and pinching the other girl's leg . . . wtf?), and that was memorable. The only redeaming thing about this fight is the black and white. Everything looks classier in black and white. It's like I'm watching "Casablanca" with hair-pulling.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Free Jimmy Trailer

It's not every day that someone can find a trailer for a CG-animated movie that has sex, drugs, violence, and a paranoid pill-popping elephant in it. Not to mention the swearing. Which is why I think I'm in love with this movie. I don't know if this will actually play in America, but I'm getting the DVD as soon as I can. It's too bad I don't have a region-free DVD player. I needs me one of those. This movie is actually Norwegian, and it had the script re-written by Simon Pegg (of "Shaun of the Dead"), and of course, dubbed in the Queen's English. Watch it and love it mates.

HDH - Tricia Helfer

It's been a rough week or so at work. People are missing days, work is piling up, calls never cease and the e-mail pours in like sand, choking my desire to work, and my available time for posting. This is an excuse of course. That's why I haven't been able to post much of anything this past week. "OH, but there was that terrifically insightful Uwe Boll post you had up" you're telling yourself. While I have posted things this week, it shies in comparison to my usual output. Mix in my employer's blocking of this particular address (yeah . . . douche-move) and me being preoccupied with thoughts of switching employers all-together . . . and that just makes for more excuses. Let's move on though. Focus on what's important. And that's Tricia Helfer. Continuing my secret love affair with the women of "Battlestar Galactica" (because Edward James Olmos in a bikini is not a nice sight). There she is, on the right, looking forlorn because she has no pants, and below, wondering if I will let her have those pants after all. But no, she does not get pants. She should never have to wear pants. Tricia Helfer (along with every single HDH here at BAFW) should be legally bound to never wear pants. Ever. I'm not going so far as having to walk around nude. I am not that tyranical of a despot. Bras and panties works for me. Your thoughts are appreciated on this plan of action. Leave a comment.

Phishing for Suckers

I got a phishing e-mail today. I don't get these too often, and when I do, it's usually from Uganda or somewhere like that telling me that someone needed my help in claiming 6 million dollars from some guy's inheritance. This one, is a little different. This particular e-mail looks like it comes from Coca-Cola, and promises that I have won some bogus British lottery prize money worth 1 million Euros. For a second I thought . . . whoa. But then, reality set in. And a quick search on Google for "The Coca Cola Company Official Prize Notification" yeilded the results I was expecting. Here's a screenshot of the e-mail. Don't get suckered.

Oh, and next time you try to defraud me, remember . . . I am a Pepsi drinker. Not much of a Coke fan.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Boll Keeps Filming

And it makes the baby Jesus cry. Uwe Boll, cinematic mastermind behind "House of the Dead", "Alone in the Dark" and "Bloodrayne" is making a sequel to his hugely successful "Bloodrayne" movie which will take the vampire (re-cast) to the old west. Because setting a vampire movie in a locale where it's sunny most of the time is a fantastic idea. If you haven't seen any of Uwe Boll's movies, then you might not have noticed the slight tinge of sarcasm that is permeating this post. When I said "successful", what I mean was "not successful". See how that works? Just how un-successful was "Bloodrayne"? Well, it cost $25 million to finance, and it took in $3.5 million . . . . worldwide.

Who keeps giving this guy money to make more crappy movies nobody watches? Here is my prediction as to what he will throw on screen and force unsuspecting movie-watchers to view. Based on his previous cinematic offerings . . . this is the only logical progression.
Bloodrayne 2: Pooptacular

Friday, November 03, 2006

Girl Fight Friday - Nightime Bout

I love it when things like this happen. What I don't love is the picture quality some of these videos have. What they did shoot it with? A Betamax camcorder from 1989? I think I saw better footage shot on "The Blair Witch Project" . . . But, it's still a fight between two chicks, so you kind of deal with the picture quality. Kind of how when you used to try to watch scrambled porn channels on cable.

Not sure if you knew this trick, but back in the day, you would change the channel on the cable box itself. Say Playboy or Spice was on channel 99. The television itself was set to channel 3 at all times. If you changed the channel on the television, then all of the channels would come through all screwy. And most of the time, one channel off. This is when you would tune into channel 98, and while the colors would be off and not look normal, you could make out enough of a picture that you could see the actual sex acts being performed. And every 15-30 seconds (I can't really remember the exact time) the picture would come through perfect before deteriorating again.

So, this is a tip that is useless unless you want to build a time machine and warp back in time to teach your former teenaged self new and inventive ways to score free pornography. So . . . yeah . . . what were we talking about again?

Opening Weekend Moving Pictures for Make Benefit of Glorious Eyes of America

Borat - Yeah, that little post title is my homage if you will to the comic genius that spills forth from Sacha Baron Cohen's head. I don't think I've wanted to go watch a movie more on opening weekend than this one right here. I am a fan of "Da Ali G Show" on HBO, which keeps my cable bill nice and fat every month, and his Borat character is some of the best stuff that is on that show. But, will it appeal to America? Sure, if we can laugh at ourselves. My personal prediction for this movie is that it will come in 2nd at the box office. Why? Well . . . you can't beat the family movie dollar business that the next movie on the list is going to make.

Flushed Away - No, this is not a CGI adventure tale of what happens to the stuff that comes out of my rectum every other day (or so . . . sometimes twice on weekend days). And rightly so, I don't think the American public would go for such a daring movie concept. No, this "Flushed Away" is family-friendly (which equals cash money) and is brought to you by Dreamworks (makers of Shrek . . . ugh) and Aardman animation (makers of Wallace and Gromit . . . yay!). The combined forces of these two studios should push out any competition by the wayside. It is pretty cool to see Aardman dipping into the CGI pool. Previously, they've been known for their great claymation work . . . but sadly, their whole studio went up in flames after the release of the last Wallace and Gromit movie . . . so this may be a new direction in animation that they might intend on keeping.

The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause
- If you go watch this third installment in "The Santa Clause" trilogy . . . you're going to need an escape clause for life. You really don't deserve to live if you take your kids to this. Why? It's like child abuse. Seriously. And didn't Tim Allen just make a Christmas movie last year as well? Is that all he does now? I'd rather him do nothing, but at the rate that I'm getting things that I want . . . that should happen just around 15 minutes from never.

This week in selected theaters . . .

Ahh, fuck the indies. Nobody cares about your Sundance wins or Cannes Palm D'Or douchebaggery award. God, your pretentiousness just pisses me off indies. Here's a list . . . but I'm not even given you synopsi.


Yeah, one entry in the indie list. Goddamn slackers. They're all probably at a Starbucks moping about their wireless connection not downloading some emo MP3's fast enough.

Search Junkie - Getting my Fix on Late

I've been quite busy lately. Wednesday I was not at work, so no blogging, and yesterday was pretty vicious in the amount of work I actually had to do. I hate it when I have to earn my pay. *ugh* But, here I am again, on a Friday, displaying just what you people like to search for. Bad habits man. I have noticed lately that most of the searches are getting more complex. Instead of looking just for "upskirts" you people are now looking for things like "getting out of a car panty shots". Well, at least you know what you want to see. Here's the list.

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